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Gong Xi Fa Cai

Ox Chinese New Year
Ox Chinese New Year

Hi everyone,

Happy Chinese new year :)

I’m not going to write a long post for now. Just a quick highlight on some popular Chinese New Year greetings.

I want to write this because sometimes people just say the greetings without really knowing the meanings. For example, some people think “Gong Xi Fa Cai” means “Happy New Year.” Well, it’s not. Check these out.

Xin Nian Kuai Le

  • meaning: Happy New Year
  • pronounced: sin nien guai le

Gong Xi Fa Cai

  • meaning: Congratulations and be prosperous
  • pronounced: kong si fa jai

Wan Shi Ru Yi

  • meaning: May everything you do works out as you wished
  • pronounced: wan se ru i

Zhu Li Meng En

  • meaning: God blesses you
  • pronounced: cu li meng en

Bad Badminton Practice

Yosep sent me an sms this morning. He told me if I was going to the badminton practice. I replied him and told him that I’d be there. Then I continued sleeping. Some times later, my housemaid told me that somebody was on the phone looking for me. Who the heck was that disturbing my sleep? Ah, Sigit. He told me that his friends couldn’t join today’s badminton practice. He asked me if I wanna go to another place then. He said he would join his ex-teacher at the Petra highschool at Jemur Handayani. He also informed me that Yosep had agreed. I thought it didn’t matter so I agreed too. He told me to come to his house so we could leave together. It was a good idea since I didn’t know where the place was. He explained his house location. Surprisingly, it was very close to mine. Only several blocks away.

I went to Sigit’s house at about 1.30 PM. It was a building material shop called “UD Lancar”. An old man, maybe his father, asked me if I needed anything. He thought I was a customer te he. I told him that I wanted to see Sigit. He then called Sigit and permitted me to go inside. I decided to leave my motorcycle at Sigit’s house so we could go together by his car. We wait for Yosep near the security post. Yosep didn’t know the place either so he needed Sigit to show the way. About 5 minutes later, Yosep arrived and we rushed into the gym.

It was a three-floors building. The badminton gym was located at the top floor. Wow, it was a multi-function building. The top floor was being used for badminton practice by some adults. But I could see a couple of basket ball rings and indoor soccer goals there. The lines on the floor also showed me that the room was convertible for playing at least four games: badminton, indoor soccer, basket ball, and “sepak takraw”. It didn’t matter anyway. The room was big enough for three badminton fields.

Hey, where did the wind come from. Oh gosh, the ventilation holes near the roof were giving too much space for the wind to come through. Damn it, I knew it wasn’t good. The heck, we had arrived there so we’d better play some games. The first game, Yosep, Sigit, me, and an ex-teacher of Sigit play a tight game. Yosep and I was not used to the windy environment when playing badminton. So we didn’t play well. It ain’t an excuse you know. But how do you hit the cock if it changes each direction often because of the wind. You know that badminton shuttlecocks are very light. I really couldn’t enjoy today’s game.

The Badminton Practice Review

Yosep was on the phone this morning asking me if I was gonna to have a badminton practice. Definitely I would go. He called around 10.30 PM and told me he was just going to pick up Sudarwan and would be at the gym at around 11.30 PM. I was still on the bed so I got up quickly, bathed, and ate my breakfast. I arrived there at 11.30 PM more or less. Yosep had not arrived yet. It ain’t a surprise however, since Yosep is always late. The traffic he used to say. Fortunately Eddy, Sigit and his friend (I can’t remember the name, let’s just call him Al) was there already so we could start a double game. Al and I versus Edy and Sigit.

We beat Eddy and Sigit in a 30-points game easily. Eddy complained that his hand was injured so he couldn’t play well. Not more than an excuse to me since Eddy ain’t really good at double games. He is good in single games though as he has the speed and stamina. But power, self-positioning, teamwork, and ball placement talks much more in double games. In my opinion, Eddy considerably lacked those points. Sigit is powerful and a good finisher but he could hardly do anything in the game because he didn’t have enough assists from Eddy. Al is good at ball placement but he often overuses his abilities that leads to blunders. Yosep is pacey and he has almost unlimited stamina that he won most single games. In double games, he can use her pace very well to cover his partner’s holes. In this case he was almost always the MVP of double games. Sudarwan has a big fat body, much bigger than me so he doesn’t have Yosep’s or Eddy’s pace. But he has a considerable power and he is good at ball placement. This makes him a good double games player. The bad news is he is such an egoist that he always blames his partner when things get bad. He always makes an excuse if something is clearly his fault. Since Yosep is the most patient person among us, he partners with Sudarwan almost everytime.

What about me? In my humble opinion, I have the power, a pretty good ball placement, and self-positioning. I lack the aspect of speed and stamina. Therefore I like to finish every game as quickly as possible. I also lack the determination. Sometimes I played so damn well that I could devastate my opponents with a very big points difference. But some other times I played a very bad game that my opponents could see me as a joke.

Teamwork? I can do well with the pacey type such as Yosep. In such composition, Yosep do much as the defender and I act as the attacker. But we rotated the partners often, with the exception of Sudarwan and Yosep since Sudarwan can’t go along so well with the others. With Eddy, I can’t do much because I can’t expect a good assist from him. He always gives the perfect ball for the enemies to smash it at us. Usually, I gave everything I got like there’s no tomorrow. That way we could lead the points from the very first time. Then, if our opponents were nervous enough to catch up we could win the game. But if they could catch up, I usually ran out of stamina and they would easily beat us.

I can’t play well with Sigit since we are pretty much the same type. Two attackers without defenders means that we usually scored as much points as the opponents. The games usually tied but since there should always be a side that win a game, our probability of winning is about 50-50. I should be able to do well with Al as we play differently. I play explosively while he plays softly. But since both of us tend to make a lot of blunders, the result is very unpredictable.

Everytime I played with Sudarwan is a nightmare. We share the same type so it should be like me and Sigit. The bad news is that Sudarwan is so bossy. But I can’t just let him put all the blames on me. Never. So we can’t help each other in a game. We play as we like egoistically. In a game, both of Sudarwan and me fight against three enemies. In my case, I fight my two opponents plus Sudarwan. I think you can pretty well predict the result. We lost almost all the time. I can continue this review, but I think it will be very boring. By the way, put Yosep and Al together to create the most boring team since both of them tend to play defensively.

Friend or Foe

After the badminton practice, Eddy told me about his recent project. He was working on a Karaoke computer program. He needed to create a software equalizer and found a great difficulty programming the sound card. I then suggested him to use DirectSound. He didn’t really understand it so I explained a bit to him. He also didn’t have the DirectX SDK to create a DirectSound application so he followed me home to get a copy.

After his leaving, my grandma asked me about him and my other friends. She asked why my friends seem to come often only when they needed something from me. I didn’t say a word to her although I knew the answers. A friend in need is a friend indeed, isn’t it? Most of my friends are from the same kind of people. People who need my knowledge, my stuffs, or my money. People who are close to me when they need something from me and just disappear when they have got what they need. Of course, some are sincere but they ain’t that close to me :(.