EF Sucks

I went to EF at Delta Plaza Surabaya this morning to get my TOEFL test report. Shirley also asked me to get hers. Actually, she had been there on Monday but the report had not been prepared yet. The staff asked her to come back in one or two days.

I arrived there at about 9.30 AM. There were two receptionists at the guest room. A young woman and an older man. The woman was an IBC. She got a clear and white skin. Not that beautiful but pretty interesting. The man has a darker skin, a typical Indonesian. But I believe he ain’t a Javanese. His accent was rather different I can tell. The man was occupied so the woman got to serve me. Lucky me :p. Heck, not that lucky. I explained to her that I needed my test report. But she didn’t know anything about it. Gosh, I had to wait for the man who was likely in charge there.

Tick, tick, tick… Time was ticking away. The man had not ended his conversation with his guests yet. I started to feel impatient. I looked at the wall clock. Wow, there were three clocks. Each pointed a different time. Uh huh. I see, there were writings below each clock. The top clock showed the Surabaya’s time. The middle London’s and the last Boston’s. Do they really need to show the London’s and Boston’s time? Maybe they only want to look cool.

Oh finally the man finished his business. He moved to the table in front of me. Blech, I really hate to repeat my statements. But I did tell him that I needed to get my test report. He didn’t have it. He made a phone call to ask somebody about my test report. He told me then that the report had not been ready yet. He asked me to come back tomorrow. What the… I almost lost my temper. I said to him–in a raised tone–that it wasn’t the first time they asked me to come back again. Okay it wasn’t me. Shirley was the one who tried to get the report on Monday but what’s the difference? I insisted to get the report at that moment or else had them sent my report to the office today.

He seemed a bit confused. He made another phone call. He asked his mate about how was the report. Then he tried to create one. That’s better. I could wait. Gees, he was slow. Waiting impatiently makes everything seems slow.

Finally he finished the report. I asked him to make 4 copies of each. Mine and Shirley’s. Ha ha. I got him. The other staff told me the other day, that he could only make a copy of the report. I need to make a photocopy of it if I want more copies. But in that situation, I don’t think he had the guts to refuse my request. And he did make every single copy I need. I even asked a glassed envelope for each copy of the report. It made eight envelopes. I realize I’ve gone too far, but that time, I really wanted every second I wasted to be compensated. By the way, I am really disappointed about EF service. I mean it is a big company. They should know how to serve their customers well, shouldn’t they?

  • Charles

    NO, they shouldn’t

    It is a big, bad, callous, company. I worked for them for years: great colleagues and wonderful students but the company itself does not GIVE A DAMN about standards, materials, teacher or students. The bigness is the problem: their concern is marketing the IDEA of educational success, not actual education. They have no interest in you once you have paid them. They expand constantly and the service they provide gets worse and worse.

    • http://www.denniland.com/ Denni Gautama

      That’s a shame. This post was from almost ten years ago, I expected there would be improvement in their service level.

  • Apiet

    EF is a TERRIBLE company to work for! It hasn’t gotten any better. They are CONSTANTLY late paying teachers and they don’t give a crap about the students or the teaching staff.

    I really stepped in dog mess the day I started working for them.