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Launching denniland.com

Hi everyone! Long time no see. How are you doing? I am very sorry for my lengthly absence in blogging. It was not because I had nothing to write. In fact there were a lot of things happening. It’s just I didn’t feel like writing back then. Now I am trying to regain my blogging mood, thanks to my girlfriend who motivates me all the time.

Once again, I moved my site. Now it is known as denniland.com instead of dennizeng.com. I think branding is a nice thing, so I try one. Initially, I tried to rebuilt my site from scratch. But considering the truth that I never had the time to do it, I decided to experiment on some ready made solutions. A while ago, I built my girlfriend’s blog on WordPress and it turned out to be good. So I use it on my blog too :p.

That’s it for now, I will summarize what has happened in my life this year soon. Please check back.

What’s Wrong With the Search Engines?

Today I checked this site access log. Great, the Google bot finally showed up in the list. Then I performed a search for this site on Google. Darn, still no results. Maybe Google had not indexed my site yet. At least Yahoo and Altavista already did. Well I’ll check to make sure. What the!!! My site disappeared from their listing. How could that happen? Arrrggghhh… I didn’t do anything stupid to this site lately but why the heck did the search engines not list my site? Bah, I couldn’t find any clue :(.

This site gets slower, it must be because I write blogs almost everyday. My blogs are all shown at the homepage so it will take a while to load the whole page. Do search engines hate this? Well I hate this, maybe they do too. Now I display only the last seven blogs at the homepage. It should be a lot of faster now to load the page. The older blogs can still be reached from the Archieved blogs section, so it won’t be a matter. I hope the search engines will like this new design.

There was no badminton practice today as the gym was closed temporarily. We are celebrating the Indonesian independance day today so most activities are suspended. It should be a holiday too but my office moved it to yesterday so I got to work today. No badminton meant more time to play RO :D. My magician was up for 6 levels today from 26 to 32. Not bad. I did the first few levels solo. Upon reaching level 30, however, things started to move very slowly, so I tried to make a small group to help me level faster.

My first group-mate today was an archer. He was at some levels below me but it was really not a big deal. I only needed someone to hold back the monsters for a second while my magician was casting his deadly spells. Although the magicians’ spells are so powerful, they need time to cast. If the magician is hit during the casting, the spell will be cancelled. That’s why I needed somebody to cover me. Later the archer introduced me to his friend, a thief (not a real thief of course, it is a profession in RO like archer or magician). We teamed up together and kicked the monsters’ asses.

Everything was great until an acolyte offered her service. My teammates gladly welcomed her as she could heal their wounds. I personally had no need for acolytes since magicians are seldom to get hit. Unfortunately, the acolyte had a bad intention. She tried to break our team apart. She only healed the thief’s wound. She even tried to seduce the thief to leave the party and started to go duet. Her sheme succeeded as the thief followed her will. This made the archer really upset and he started to bother them by kill-stealing the monsters they were engaging. The thief didn’t like the action and they started to insult each other. It wouldn’t do any good to me so I decided to leave the broken group and started soloing.

Some times later the archer asked me to rejoin because the acolyte had left. It looked like the archer and the thief had been in peace once again. Hahaha, I know it’s only a game, but it’s really funny when the emotions are involved.

More Blogging and the Charity Programme

More and more people are trying this blogging thing lately. Yovi, who used to work here at Excellogix, recently launched his new blogspot. He seemed to be interested in Web site development too. Yesterday and today, he asked me about this free hosting service. He signed up and tried to some nasty things with PHP scripting. Good luck to you pal. At the same time, Vebby was trying to mark up her friend’s blog as well as her own. Well, since she sat next to me, it’s practical for her to ask me.

Meanwhile, Shirley reminded me that she wanted her tagboard appearance changed. I already did it for her but she didn’t give me the “cakue” she promised, yet. Damn. I was so hungry but nobody were going to go out to find something to eat. I hate going out alone so I asked Vebby, who was in the airport picking up Lusida that was coming back from China. It was 18.30 when she sent me a message that Lusida had not arrived yet. I went downstair hoping there was something edible. Vanie offered some cookies and Marisa some roasted breads. But they weren’t enuff. My stomach still couldn’t compromise so I decided to go out alone to buy a bowlful of Pak Salam’s noodle and bakso (meatballs). Finally…

Today, Alex gave some suggestions for the charity programme held periodically by the company. He mentioned several almshouses and orphanages at the forum. So kind of him. Actually, he’s the one who was asked to be a committee member. But he refused because of his project. Then I was asked to be the replacement. Luckily, Lisa (the bigger one; there are two girls called Lisa) and Herlina volunteered to be in the committee as well. I thought I could count on them, especially the high spirited Lisa :D.

I just played a good small game called “N“. A short name that stands for Ninja, a Japanese warrior who dresses in dark suit that covers all but his eyes. Ninjas were known for their agility, fierceness, and loyalties to their lords. They were empowered by once Japanese shoguns to assassinate their enemy. A Ninja mainly uses a sword called Katana as his main weapons. In addition he also carries many secret weapons such as the star-shaped objects used as thrown weapons. Ninjas’ skill called “Ninjutsu”. Ninjutsu teaches them how to terminate their opponents silently, quickly, and deadly.

Wait wait wait, I wrote too much about Ninja. I didn’t even intend to write about it. Even the game doesn’t really involve the Ninja’s sword or killing things. It’s only a little game written in Macromedia Flash. All the Ninja can do in the game are running and jumping. Although the Ninja can jump really high, he must not fall down from a real high place unless you want him to die. I must control my Ninja to jump from one platform to another to reach the bonus points or the key that eventually leads to a door to the next level. Every other level, more obstacles are given. Some obstacles are so damn deadly that toching them will shatter your Ninja into pieces. Anyway, this is a cool game for relaxation. The control is good although it was a little difficult at first. But practice makes perfect, doesn’t it?