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My New Favorite Barber: QB House

QB House — courtesy of feathers (http://www.flickr.com/photos/feathers/)I never enjoy having haircut. The main reason is that I hate waiting. Waiting to be served and waiting while being served. Except, perhaps, if you go to a not so popular barber/salon, at least you won’t find a long queue. For that reason, I usually went for a haircut maybe only once in three months or so.

Actually, it’s been more than three months since I cut my hair, hence yesterday, I asked a colleague of mine whether he knew a good, cheap, and fast barber/salon. Spontaneously he told me that I should go to QB House, and I could find it in almost every big mall in Singapore. He said they charged only 10 SGD for 10 minutes haircut. What?? Okay 10 SGD is reasonable, actually there are cheaper ones here, but 10 minutes?

On the way to my client’s office today, I saw an advertisement board saying a QB House outlet was there at Bugis Junction Mall, #B1-20. That’s great, since I worked at the very next door. So just now I decided to go there for a quick haircut. I found it beside the food court.

When I came, a man greeted me and spoke to me in Chinese language — which I didn’t quite understand despite the fact that I have a Chinese bloodline. He quickly got it and told me — in English — to insert a piece of S$ 10 to a ticket machine. Then I was asked to bring the ticket to a female hairdresser who then quickly prepared everything.

She politely asked about the style I wanted before starting to cut my hair. She took her tools from a microwave-like container, to keep things sterile they said. She worked really fast, yet carefully and paid attentions to details too. She also used some kind of vacuum cleaner to suck the scattered hair on my head. They used only new combs for customers.

I didn’t really count, but judging that I only managed to hear two pop songs played there, and the time I needed to go there and back to my office was not more than 15 minutes, I am sure they really kept their 10 minutes promise. Did I mention they gave the new combs to the customers for free? Although this won’t do any good for me since I never comb my hair, but their swiftness and quality of service is pretty impressing. Now I know where to go next time when I need another haircut.