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One Fine Day at Ciputra Water Park

Today I had an appointment with Jon and Yendy to go to Ciputra Water Park in Citraland, Surabaya. I went to Jon’s place around 8.30 AM and we went by Jon’s motor cycle to Mc. Donald’s in Mayjen Sungkono to meet Yendy. We’re pretty late. Yendy had been waiting for us more than an hour. Sorry bro :D. Since Yendy was hungry, we had some breakfast there. After filling our stomach and some chat about men’s stuffs and dreams, we went together to Citraland.

We arrived at Ciputra Water Park around 11 AM. It was much smaller than what I thought, but it’s quite nice. As the name implied, it was full of water. There were the large water roller coaster, a a giant water tank that would pour water when it was full of water, an artificial wave generator, a trampoline, and some children playgrounds.

Although it was Sunday, the park was uncrowded. I could only see a few visitors. We spent some times to walk around there. We planned to go swimming in the afternoon to avoid sunburn. But since the place wasn’t crowded, we got bored and decide to try the thrilling water roller coaster. To get on the coaster, we must climb up the stairs to the top of the tower. It was the most awful part. We also had to carry a small rubber boat. Each boat would carry precisely two passengers. A lifeguard stood by to help people get on the coaster. At first, I tried the coaster with Jon, and like I expected, Jon swore and cursed all the way down to the ground. Then I got on with Yendy. He screamed so loudly my ears could have been damaged. We got on the coaster a few times before we moved to other pool.

After noon, more and more people came by. After a few more rounds on the coaster, we went home at around 6PM, with sunburn and super tired body. Even too tired to write this blog.

The TOEFL Test, A Cinderella Story, and The Bourne Identity

Today I had a TOEFL test with Shirley W. at EF Delta Plaza Surabaya at around 9 AM. I needed to take the test as a requirement for the ADS scholarship I am applying. But I was so sleepy I sent her a message that I would be late. Just before I left my house at 9.30 AM, my grannie told me that she had run out of money and inquired if my dad had sent her some. My mom did say to me that she had transfer the fund to my bank account but I needed to withdraw it from an ATM. So I went to the nearest ATM, got the money, and gave it to my grannie. Damn another delay. I arrived at EF at about 10.15 AM. I saw a girl seating in front of the building. I thought I had met her before but I couldn’t remember who she was. The heck, I was so in hurry I passed her. Shirley had begun the test the moment I entered the office. Fortunately I was allowed to catch up.

I entered the test room. A small room containing about ten Hewlett-Packards computers. I sat beside Shirley and the officer allowed me to begin my test. The first part was a writing test, but the officer told me to skip it and went throgh the second. It was a listening test. I put my headset on and started listening. Damn I was so screwed. I forgot that was an English test. I neither take it seriously nor listen carefully the first conversation. I didn’t understand even a sentence. I really needed a luck for that.

Okay forget it, let’s go to the second conversation. I listened very very carefully to the next questions and I could do them well enough. Although the discussions mostly took place in a classroom or a college, they varied and the topics were pretty entertaining: literary, physics, astronomy, math, the roman history, and the regular campus life. After about ten or more conversations, the second section was ended.

The third section was my favorite, the structure. I didn’t need to listen to any lengthy conversation nor read multi-paragraphs passages. I only read the sentences one by one and picked the right answer for each question. Gosh, I thought it was easy. But my last English class was well four years ago. Some uncommon structures forced me to think pretty hard and wasted my time. Screw me, the time ran out but I hadn’t finish all the third section’s questions yet.

I continued to the last section: Reading. It was boring since I had to read through some passages before I could answer any question. Anyway, it ain’t a big deal since I could finished the whole test in about an hour. I even finished much earlier than Shierly did although she started the test before me. I even got a slightly higher mark. My final mark was 223, higher than the minimum requirement for the scholarship (170). Thanks God. But Shirley seemed to be a bit upset with her score when he finally came out of the test room. Soon, the girl I saw earlier outside EF came in and asked Shirley’s result. I eventually remembered. She was Cimot (can’t remember her real name), a friend of Shirley. She accompanied Shirley there.

After the test, the three of us had our lunch at Mc. Donald’s. We chatted a bit while we were eating. Some times later, Cimot saw her boyfriend passing by and she went to him. After a while she returned to our table. After finishing our lunch, I headed back to the parking lot while Shirley and Cimot went to Cimot’s boyfriend’s mobile phone shop. I stopped by Flash Disc to rent some VCDs and DVDs. No interesting new titles were available. But I got A Cinderella Story and The Bourne Identity.

Hilary Duff is Cinderella

A Cinderella Story was another modern version of the classic Cinderella story. Hilary Duff once leaved only with her Dad. Her dad was her bestfriend and vice versa. Her dad ran a successful eating place. Things were good until her dad married a woman with two daughters. She got a new stepmother and two older sisters. Anyway she was happy for her daddy. Until a tragic earthquake killed her dad.

Then things changed drastically. Her stepmother took all her dad’s belongings and started to treat Hilary as a mere servant. She must now serve her stepmother as well as her two annoying stepsisters. I won’t tell the rest of the story since it is very easy to guess. It closely resemble the classic Cinderella only without the magical things. Simple plots, average actors’ performances, and great soundtracks performed by Hilary Duff herself. I only rent this movie because she is currently one of my favorite celebrities. She’s hot and she has a sweet angel voice. One of the soundtracks is familiar to me. It’s “Come Clean” performed by Hilary Duff.

The Bourne Identity

The story began with some sailors in a fishing ship. One day, they found a human body floating in the sea. They picked him up and he was still alive. Unfortunately, the man couldn’t remember who he was, what he was doing, where he was heading, and what was happening to him. He got amnesia. The only clue was a bullet burried under his skin that contained a Swiss bank account number. Soon after landing, he headed to Swiss. One night when he was sleeping at a park bench, two guards asked him to leave. He was upset and beat them up. He was surprised knowing that he had the martial art skill.

Upon arriving at the bank, the officer let him access his storage consisting a large amount of money, a gun, and many passports with his picture on it. He had the US passport with the name Jason Bourne along with other nations’ passports. French, Brazil, Italy, and UEA to name some of them. He got even more confused. He took all the money and the passports with him but he left the gun. And Jason Bourne’s journey to find his true identity was started. The movie was packed with some cool actions of CIA agents trying to eliminate Jason Bourne. Matt Damon performed well as Jason Bourne. I like the story as well as the actions. By the way, it had a sequel already on theaters, The Bourne Supremacy. Hopefully I can watch it soon.

Seafood at Pandaan

Vebby told me that she would have a dinner in Pandaan. She asked me to come along. I thought it was a good idea to eat at places outside Surabaya sometimes so I accepted her offer. About 5.30 PM, we headed there. There were Bambang, Yustina, Vebby and her boyfriend’s sister, and Enyo driving. The traffic was so well jammed we moved pretty slowly. My stomach couldn’t compromise and started to beg for food. I tried to get some sleep but I couldn’t.

Finally we arrived at the toll gate. But an unexpected thing happened. Enyo took the wrong gate. We supposed to take the Waru-Gempol gate but she took the Waru-Surabaya gate. All of us were so surprised knowing this. Vebby and Yustina blamed Bambang because he sat at the front chair but didn’t remind Enyo. Of course they only teased him. I wanted to tease him too but I kept it for later. At that moment I pretended to sleep soundly. I guessed they didn’t realize that I was awake. Once we reached the Gayungsari toll gate, at the Mastrip street, I “woke up” and asked them where we were. They tried to hide the truth from me and I played along. I acted like I didn’t know anything until I saw a big drugstore’s board sign showing we were at the Mastrip street. I pointed that out and asked why we were still at Surabaya. They explained to me and I blamed Bambang for that thing. Hehehe, sorry pal, just kidding. Okay I did pretend I was sleeping but for goodness sake, I was really starving. Thanks to Vebby, she had some breads for us to eat.

Eventually, we arrived at Pandaan. After taking Vebby’s boyfriend’s sister home, we headed to the eating place. We ordered two large portions of Crabs and four small portions of squids and prawns. Since I was so damn starving, everything looked, smelt, and tasted good to me. Okay not everything. There was a portion of inked squids. I didn’t even want to touch it. Enyo took some pictures of me while I was eating like there’s no tomorrow. I didn’t a give a damn though as my stomach had the top priority at that moment. Anyway, it was a good dinner. In the future, however, I will think twice if someone will ever ask me to go eating at a rather far place. I couldn’t stand hunger.