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Altoers Updates

Renamed title to: “Altoers Updates”, was: “(Near) the End of Excellogix”.

Not long after My Simpathy for Excellogix post, around May 2006, I heard yet another sad news. The bosses decided to let go all of the employees except of Stephanie and Bambang. It seemed that things were getting worse. I was again really sorry for them. Although we are all have been apart, we still keep in touch often. We help and care for each other. I still have many unforgettable moments and memories with the Altoers (the people of Excellogix aka Alto Entertainment Network).

Tracking Altoers

In the mean time, the following are the latest information I have about my ex-colleague in Excellogix:

  • Agung (agw) works as a computer teacher at St. Agnes.
  • Alex (alx) will get married soon (according to Vanie) and is now working at a multiplayer game center.
  • Anton (nas aka piku) starts his own software house and makes jualhp.com. Good luck pal.
  • Bambang (bbg aka bo) is one of the two people who still worked in Excellogix.
  • Carla Bley Ardian (crl aka carlos aka lala) is now working for a journalist after spending some time teaching English at EF Tegal.
  • Devy Liliana (dev) has an administrative work in Sidoarjo.
  • Eva Natalia (evn aka iyem) works as photo editor at Portrait, a photo studio in Surabaya. Pretty much the same job she did in Excellogix.
  • Eva Soeryono (eva aka vles aka entut) now works at Ad-Ins as a trainee.
  • Freddy (frd aka kampret) went to Kalimantan and worked there. You are going really far, bro.
  • Jonathan (jon) is fighting his way to get a job in a cruise ship in US. A photographer job of course. Hey, you really brought some bad lucks last time you came here.
  • Herlina (her aka herder aka hertong aka tongtong) has already been engaged and will get married soon. She is in Jakarta now, but I don’t know what she’s doing in spite of shopping.
  • Lisa Gunawan (lsa aka gambus) sells container at Tanjung Perak.
  • Lisa Handayani (lis aka ableh aka binx) continues her study in US. Last time, she told me that she already had a boyfriend.
  • Lusi (lus aka enyo) opened her own photography studio. She has been very enthusiastic in photography lately, so this must be one of her dream.
  • Mariza (mrz aka emak) changed jobs three times this year. From Jakarta to Bali. I don’t know whether this will be her last job, since she said that her previous job was her dream one, yet she left it.
  • Pratu (pre aka pre-chan) continues to work in Global FM as a radio presenter.
  • Shirley Wibisono (shw aka coolz) works at an advertising agency in Jakarta as a copywriter.
  • Shierly F. Motullo (sfm aka imoet) lives in Korea now. She is married to a Japanese and has a boy.
  • Stephanie (snb aka panci aka panu) is the other person who is left in Excellogix. She is also getting married this year.
  • Vebby (veb) and Yustina (jus) work at a travel agent in Surabaya. They seem to enjoy their jobs, thankfully.
  • Wiembardi (wim) continues to work as a Web site designer in Surabaya.
  • Yendy (ynd aka sanchai) works as a software developer at Percetakan Surya, Surabaya. He previously asked me to find a copy of Power Builder. Come on, use .NET or J2EE instead bro, hehe.
  • Yenny Soviawati (yen aka pyor) is now a freelance artist after resigning from Portrait photo studio.
  • Yunus (yun) is now a swimming pool manager at Plaza Marina, Surabaya.

Thanks to all of you who have provided the additional information in the comments. Keep ’em coming.

My First Professional Step in Jakarta

Before moving to Jakarta, I began my professional step by searching for a job first. I mainly browsed JobsDB to find the job information. I found many jobs there, and send my applications to some of them that I thought were relevant to my qualifications. Then I also contacted my friends who had already been working in Jakarta.

Eva Soeryono, an ex-colleague, suggested me to apply to her company, PT. Outsource Indonesia. It was an human resource outsourcing company. Eva said the wage was fair and she liked it there because she could learn many new things. Interested, I sent in my application to her boss, Mr. Ferry.

A few days later, I had a phone call from PT. Outsource Indonesia. Mr. Ferry invited me to come to Jakarta for an interview. We scheduled the interview then I flew there. Yes, this time I took an airplane. Since it was not a holiday, the fare was pretty cheap.

When I arrived at Cengkareng Airport in Jakarta, my girlfriend had been already waiting for me there. How sweet :). Then we took the airport bus to Terminal Blok M. Then we took a cab to PT. Outsource Indonesia around Jalan Senopati. The office was small and quiet. Mr. Ferry, the boss was pretty nice. He explained to me everything about the company. He also answered my questions without hesitant. He seemed to be interested but he told me to wait for his news since he needed to discuss about my salary requirement with the financial department. Then I left the office.

In Jakarta, my girlfriend booked me a room at Hotel Sentral in Jalan Pramuka, Jakarta Utara. The price for standard room is Rp. 250,000 a night. It was roughly the same as my previous room at Hotel Cipta, but I got a very much better room. With a large king-size bed, tv cable, bathroom with a bathtub, a comfy sofa, and a nice indoor decoration, the price couldn’t be wrong. Unlike Hotel Cipta, it also had a swimming pool although the condition was not so great.

After spending two nights in Jakarta, then I flew home to Surabaya, continued working at Excellogix. Not long after, Mr. Ferry called me again, he said that I was accepted and he required me to go there once again to meet his client. Just before, I got an email from PT Metalogix Infolink Persada aka MIP aka X/Link inviting me to Jakarta for an interview. I recalled that I also applied to X/Link who opened a job position in JobsDB. For my convenience, I arranged the schedule for both of them so I would only take one trip.
Having taken another flight, I met Mr. Ferry, then he drove me to his client office. It was the Astra Credit Company (ACC), one of the largest automobile credit company in Indonesia. He took me to some directors of ACC and they conducted another interview with me.

After a few hours, we went back to the office. He said that I was already accepted but he required me to wait for the clients decision whether they would hire me or not. But if they wouldn’t, he already had a backup plan for me. I hoped it was not another travel to Jakarta another day, did he know that it cost me a lot of money?

The next day, I went to X/Link in Menara Kebon Sirih aka Gedung Bimantara. Honestly, it was the coolest and most modern office building I ever entered. Compared to this, the Outsource Indonesia office is um, nothing :D. I went to the 7th floor where X/Link located. I met the receptionist, Mbak Dahrie, who asked me my business. I told her that I had an appoinment with Mr, uhm, Mr… Damn, I forgot his name. I randomly picked a name, Mr. Ferry. Hahaha. That was the name of PT. Outsource Indonesia. The receptionist told me to wait for a moment while she made a call. Ah, it seemed that there was somebody called Ferry too. Lucky me :p. Confused, the receptionist told me that Mr. Ferry didn’t have an interview appointment today. Oh great :(. Luckily, the receptionist was kind enough to ask the others. Then she told me that Mr. Johannes Sukamtoh did have the appointment with me then she took me to his room.

That was the first time I met Mr. Johannes, the Technical Director. I was rather surprised because he asked many technical questions to me, such as: “What is the different between TCP and UDP as well as thread and process.” I couldn’t answer some of them, but strangely, he seemed pretty satisfied and kindly gave me the correct answers. He then lead me to Mr. Halim Sugandi, the General Manager. He didn’t look like any average middle-aged man, instead he looked rather nerdy. And, like Mr. Johannes, he also asked me more technical questions. Fortunately, the questions were pretty much the same, and this time I could handle them all because the clues given by Mr. Johannes.

After the interview session, Mr. Halim gave his “okay” to Mr. Johannes and I was taken to Mr. Johannes office once again. Then Mr. Johannes started to talk about the company profile, and why shoud I work there. He also asked me about my expected salary. He didn’t give me my expectation, but instead he promised me that I could achieve a better career and living there. I told him that I needed some time to think since I also needed to consider the offer of Mr. Ferry of PT. Outsource Indonesia. But Mr. Johannes insisted me to take his offer soon so I could work ASAP. Well, I did need the job ASAP, and since Mr. Ferry didn’t give me the exact day when I could get to work, I thought I would take Mr. Johannes’ offer. And did I mention that I would work in a much cooler building too? :p

So there we go. I made the deal with Mr. Johannes and told him that I would work for him starting from the next month.

So I came home to Surabaya and gave my resignation letter to my bosses at Excellogix, Mr. Tan It Pin and Mrs. Vera Sumargo. I also sent an email to Mr. Ferry telling him my apologize that I already made a deal with another company.

And that was my first professional step in Jakarta. This story is the prequel of: First Days in Jakarta. You can click here to read it.

My Sympathy for Excellogix

Today I heard a really really bad news from Surabaya. My ex-company, Excellogix, was having a reconstruction because of a financial crisis. It already had a bad year, and today, the owner announced that he had to make that sad decision. Half of the employees got fired.

I know I am not a part of that company anymore. But believe me, I have many unforgettable memories there. I have wonderful colleagues and friends. I have a really deep sympathy for this situation. Be strong guys, just believe that tomorrow will be better.

May God bless us, always and forever.