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Turning Point

Many things happen lately. It’s near the end of the year, so I need to prepare a better new year.

Thursday, Dec 16: A New Phone

After some researches, I finally decided to get a new mobile phone, Nokia 3205. It is a CDMA phone, with some good features: integrated camera, polyphonic ringtones, cut-out cover, infra red connectivity, and Java-based applications. I plugged in a Star One ruim in my new phone. Star One, the postpaid version, offers an unlimited Internet connection at a flat fee. It is the main reason why I bought the new phone. I need a cheap and unlimited Internet connection to support my activities: works, studies, entertainment, and online games. The connection, unfortunately, is not that good. It is slow and I often got disconnected unexpectedly. Yeah, what do you hope from a cheap connection.

Monday, Dec 20: National Treasures

I asked Bambang, a colleague, to accompany me watching National Treasures, starred by Nicolas Cage and Diane Kruger. Nicolas Cage is a well-known actor. Diane Kruger is known from Troy, an epic movies, where she played Helen, the Trojan most beautiful girl. National Treasures is a movie about a treasure hunter (Nicolas Cage) who wanted to hunt the America’s greatest treasure. He partnered with a museum officer (Diane Kruger), his loyal friend, and his father. The hunting was not easy because a group of bandits, who used to sponsored him, wanted to claim the treasure. The movie is good at manipulating and twisting the American history. Well, it was nothing like Indiana Jones or Tomb Raider, but it had nice fresh jokes, some cool actions, but almost no romantic scenes. Not bad.

Thursday, Dec 23: An Important Decision

There was a big meeting at my office today. We discussed about the new system that would be started next year. At first, I didn’t get so interested in the meeting. But it changed when the boss announced the new teams. I used to work by my-self, without a team. But the new system forced me to be in the software team. My concern was that the team leader didn’t master my field, Web development. He was a desktop applications programmer. I didn’t think it would make any sense to be responsible to someone that didn’t even understand what I did.

No, I don’t underestimate him whatsoever, but we do different things. Since I didn’t like the situation, I chose not to be in the software decision. I voted to be in the download or entertainment teams. Later, I was included in the entertainment teams. My decision shocked almost everyone. They thought I must be in the software team. Well they thought wrong. But it was not the important thing. The important thing to me is to do what I want and do it well. The decision had been made. There’s no way I will regret it. I know what is good to me more than anybody else.

Lost Phone, New Phone

I came earlier to the office this morning although I started to work from the second shift. I had an appointment with my colleague, Yenny, who worked at the first shift, to fill in the ADS scholarship application form together. Actually, the appointment was for yesterday, at the party. But we didn’t seem to have any time to do it. Unfortunately, Yenny didn’t brought her form so I let her use mine. Carla was interested at what we’re doing and joined us. She did give some advices to Yenny, mainly about tricking the working status and duration to get a better chance.

Finishing those pesky forms, Yenny went home and I started to work. Not so long, she called and asked if we saw her cell phone. She said that she was at home and couldn’t find it everywhere. We tried to find it but couldn’t see any clue. Then Yenny came to search the office but still she couldn’t find it. Anton even tried to be a detective with his investigative questions. Jonathan teased her by telling that somebody might have hidden it. After a while without any clue, Yenny gave up and decided to go home. Luckily she found her cell phone in her car. Can you imagine, she left it in her car but she searched else where.

On the way home, I bought a fried noodle. Honestly I was not hungry but I definitely wanted to eat something. When I was enjoying my noodle, my auntie came to my room, without knocking of course, and showed me her new CDMA phone. I was not so surprised since she had been bragging for some times. She said it was a gift from her boyfriend. She also said that she actually didn’t want her boyfriend to buy such things for her. Like I’m gonna believe it. I know that deep down in her heart she does want to get many expensive stuffs from her boyfriend, like most girls do, am I not right? She couldn’t use the phone yet so she asked me to teach me how to use it. Well, it’s a Sanex model so I didn’t expect it was as easy as Nokia phones. I was right, the interface was pretty complicated and not so straightforward. Its keys were so small I often pressed the wrong button.

Well, it didn’t really matter, she only asked me to teach her how to use it not to give a comment or review about the cell phone. I taught her the basic things, like saving numbers to the phonebook, sending an SMS, choosing the melody, etc. Au, I was so sleepy I could only play a game for an hour. At least I remembered to blog these things. Damn, I was so sleepy I couldn’t even make a good sentence. Maybe today’s blog is gonna be a complete mess but who cares.