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This Ain’t a Love Blog (I Mean Not Solely a Love Blog)

Is it just me, or this site is turning into a love diary or love blog, you name it. And not only my blog, hers too, hehe. Look at her lovely blog. You agree with me, right? I just read her blog last night, three times. And I read it once again just now. And I don’t even start to get bored. She really knows how to delight me.

Btw, to keep things balanced I’ll write some other things unrelated to my romantic life.

Recent Movies

  • War of the Worlds
    This movie is deceiving. I thought I would see some kind of Starship Troopers but instead I got Scream. That’s right. This is a suspense thriller movie. You won’t find a real action hero, instead you’ll find an ordinary man (Tom Cruise) trying hopelessly to save his son and daughter (Dakota Fanning) from the aliens deadly threat. Stephen Spielberg, as usual, used a cutting-edge visual and sound effects making this movie as reallistic as possible. If you like thriller movies, you’d love Dakota Fanning’s performance much, like I did. She’s the most talented young actress I ever knew. She could play with emotions so good you would think she’s not acting. I already liked her since her performance in Uptown Girl (with Brittany Murphy). Tom Cruise also performed well in this movie. His fans won’t be disappointed. The only thing I hate about this movie is the ending. Watch your self and you’ll know what I mean.
  • Herby Reloaded
    I won’t see this movie unless Lindsay Lohan starred. Yes, she’s the only reason I watched the movie. Nothing special with this actually. Just another children movie about an old car, VW Bug, that had its own feeling and could act on its own.
  • Fantastic Four
    Another super hero comic is brought to the cinema. The story ain’t much different from the one you read in the comics. Like other super hero movies, Fantastic Four featured the best visual effect it could afford. Jessica Alba was also another main interest. A so-so movie.


Games were always some parts of me. I used to spend 50-70% of my spare time playing games. But recently, I didn’t play games a lot. I found something much more interesting, spending times with my girl. But I still kept my Ragnarok Online (RO) business rolling and playing once in a while, especially in the War of Emperium events. Unfortunately, my guild, Anarchy, had a very hard time. After securing the Best Guild Record award, it became worse and worse. Guild members moved out to other guilds. Some leaders stopped playing for a while, etc. But life must go on, so after a few bad weeks, the rest of the guild members decided to join Istana Bunga (IB), one of the legendary guilds in idRO Fenrir. Anarchy Guild won’t be resurrected for mere WoE, but will be suspended until the upcoming Ragnarok Indonesia Championship (RIC) and Ragnarok World Championship (RWC) events. Good luck to all of us.

Sigh, Teenager Nowadays

I went to an online game center last Friday to play Ragnarok Online. It was the War of Emperium schedule. When I entered the place, I didn’t see any available PC. But the keeper told me that I could get a vacant PC upstairs. It’s true, there were some available PCs there. I was going to go the corner when I saw two cute gals playing RO. And lucky me, beside them there was an empty seat. Soon I took the seat and turned the PC on.

While waiting my PC to boot up, I observed them. I am sure they are still in the high school. Maybe junior or senior. They are about 15 or 16 years old. From the way they played the game, I knew they were new players. The first girl played a female magician, but she didn’t know the correct spells to use on the correct monsters. The second girl who played a female swordie couldn’t find the Kafra NPC. I took the chances and told the magician girl some spells trick. Then I told the swordie girl the location of the NPC she’s looking for.

It worked. I managed to get their attentions. When I finally logged in the game and loaded one of my character, they were surprised at how high my character’s level was. Well I didn’t want to get that much attentions early, so I played my lowest-level character, but still they were amazed. Unfortunately they were not on the same server as me so we couldn’t meet in-game. For about half an hour, I gave them some clues and hints to play the game well.

Later, the War of Emperium begins. Well this one is what keep me playing RO so I put most of my attention there. I didn’t help the girls anymore and they seemed to know that I was busy with my own business. Good for us. I planned to go back to them after the War. While I was in war, however, I heard some. Well it’s usual in a place like that. But I noticed that I heard the cursing more and more and the source was near. Oh my God, it turned out that the ones who cursed were the girls beside me. Holy shit, they swore like there’s no tomorrow. Everytime their characters died, they cursed. Everytime they missed the monster, they swore. Everytime some monsters mob them, they screamed. Geez, the words were definitely not what I expect to come out from the mouth of cute teenage girls like them.

Well I know some people do like to curse for no reason. Even I got some friends that swears all the time. But I still can’t get it. I am definitely not comfortable staying near them. And honestly, I don’t think it’s a good habit. Especially on teenagers like them. If they keep doing that when they are young, they will do it for the rest of their life.

Lazy Update

More than a month since my last post. Many things to write but I’m lazy so I’ll only give a brief summary:

  • My two other colleagues, Shirley Wibisono and Lisa Handayani left the office. Shirley went to Jakarta to work at an advertising company. Lisa stayed in Surabaya but she now works at a trading company. Good luck to you girls.
  • My office annual meeting this year took place at Trawas. We had a good time there, even though we only stayed a night. Hope next year would be even better.
  • I changed job from a Web site developer to an editor. Neither a promotion nor a demotion. But I needed a change.
  • Added a monster database to my Ragnarok Online site.
  • My StarOne Post-paid subscription was activated at the beginning of this month. Wow, 24/7 Internet like I always wanted to have.
  • Promoted as the moderator of the OpenKore forum.