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Gathering at Felix’s Wedding

Wedding BearsThe day before yesterday, November 21, I attended Felix Harianto‘s wedding party at Shangri-la Hotel. He is my ex-classmate from SMUK Santo Paulus Jember. It was Wednesday, so it’s rather odd since most people pick weekends as their wedding days. But Felix told me earlier in an online chatting session that he chose the day because it was the anniversary. Plus, the cost for renting the place is cheaper than weekends.

The event started at 7pm, but I came to early at around 6pm. Fortunately I came with my lovely Martha so it was not a problem to kill some time. We came straight from our offices since it was an ordinary work day.

The wedding place was so well decorated. There was plenty of food. Although at first only a few people came, later that night the room was crowded. There are no special events though. No dances, no bouquet toss, and even, sadly, no photo sessions. Felix did ask me to take some pictures when I was about to go home. But his wife dragged him somewhere else and it was late already, so that didn’t happen.

The party was also a small gathering with my old friends who currently live in Jakarta: Alan, Benny, Indra Setiawan, Kwok Siong, Susanto, and Yananta Muslie. Unfortunately, Handoko couldn’t make it there because he was sick. It has been almost ten years since I last saw them. Some didn’t change much while some others I hardly recognized. Here are my small updates on their info:


This skinny fellow lives, surprisingly, near my place at Kelapa Gading.  He greeted me first that night when he came with her girl friend.

Benny and Kwok Siong

They currently worked together at Sunter area.  Benny looked the same like I last saw him at high school, but that’s not the case with Kwok Siong who got fatter and rounder face.

Indra Setiawan

He was one of my best buddies back then. Unlike the others, I already met Indra in Jakarta last year when I was looking for a boarding house at Kelapa Gading. He came with his girlfriend later that night. Currently, he worked as a sales for a chemical company in Cibitung.


“Wanna buy some computers, Den?” that was his first reaction when I met him. Apparently, he sells computers. He also didn’t change much in appearance.

Yananta Muslie

This was another best friend of mine in high school. Living at Serang, Banten, he turns out to be a successful player in the lumber business. He is married and will soon be a father since his wife has been being pregnant for about seven months.

That’s all for now. Until next time guys.

Congratulation to the newly married couple: Felix and Delly.

Oh My God, Three Months

I know I’ve been pretty lazy lately, but my last blog is three months ago? Haha. I am surprised myself. Wew, I don’t know when I write my next blog then. Another three months or even next year. I really need some motivation here. Can’t really remember the things happened in the past three months, but here are some of them which I can still remember. Better write them quickly before I forget them completely:

Memorable Events

  • Mom’s Elementary School Reunion
    I went with my mom to her elementary school’s great reunion in Situbondo. Mom didn’t socialize a lot when she was in the elementary school so she didn’t make many friends. But Mom had a very close friend back then. Unfortunately she couldn’t come to reunion. So sad since Mom had been waiting for the reunion with her best friend after more than 20 years. The last time Mom saw her was in my parent’s wedding party. Be patient Mom, there will definitely be another chance.
  • My Birthday
    Hmmm, what did I expect? Can’t remember. Maybe I didn’t really expect anything. At least, early in the morning, Mom and Sis called me. A greeting card was sent from the church several days earlier. And, as usual, my colleagues celebrate my birthday with a candle on a cake, a present from Vebby—the yummy Papa Xous, and a usual photo sessions, nothing really special actually. But thank you guys, at least some of you remembered my bday :p .
  • Long Vacation (My Dad’s Bday)
    I take a full week leave last June and went to my hometown, Jember. A total refreshing. Eating all day, sleeping all night, playing games, watching DVDs and TV, and other pleasure-giving things. Btw, I encountered another house renovation here. It means that the house was in a great mess and full of stuffs and building materials. I hope it will already be finished on my next visit. Also we celebrated my dad’s bday that week. Not really a celebration though, but at least my sis bought him a bday cake. Happy birthday papa.

Memorable Movies

  • Kingdom of Heavens
    The movie about Crusade. It beautifully mirrored the conflict between European Christians and Middle-Eastern Muslims happened on the Holy Land of Jerusalem. Full of moral lessons. If you like historical movies, this movie is highly recommended.
  • Starwars Episode III: The Revenge of the Sith
    IMO, the best episode of all Starwars installments. It has the deepest and greatest story line. It uncovers most secrets and tragedies. It is also the most emotional Starwars episode.
  • Batman Begins
    This is more Spider-Man than Batman I think. Unlike other Batman movies, Batman Begins is not a full length action movie. Instead, it’s a bit more drama. Batman Begins tells the story of little Bruce Wayne whose parents were killed by a robber. And how he grew up as nobody, but someone who sought justice by his own way. Later it tells how young Bruce was found and trained by a dark Ninjutsu Clan to be the clan leader but later turned into a secret hero. Casual Batman fans won’t be disappointed though since Batman Begins also features top of the art action scenes. By far, this is the best Batman movie according to my opinion.

Carla’s Birthday and Dinny’s Farewell

Oups, I overslept. I should work from the first shift this morning. Couldn’t sleep early last night because S, remember the Aggro, kept sending me messages. After 2 AM I decided to silence my cellphone so I could get some sleep. Well it meant my phone alarm was silenced too. Got some missed calls and messages from her but I didn’t give a damn since I needed to hurry. I wouldn’t want a bad discpline point in my next appraissal. Fortunately, I arrived at the office just in time.

Carla’s Birthday

Today we celebrated two occassions at the office. After the lunch break, we congratulated Carla on her birthday. Some cakes and picture-takings as usual. Carla looked so damn aggressive and couldn’t get her hands off Yunus :D. Well, it was her birthday, everyone let and even encouraged her to do so.

Dinny’s Farewell Party

After the second shift at around 5 PM, we celebrated Dinny’s leaving. Well was it really a celebration? We should be sad because another mate was gonna leave us, shouldn’t we? But we had prepared a feast for her farewell party, so I may call it a celebration anyhow.

At that moment, Vera—our boss, and Freddy—her superordinate, gave their acknowledgements to her. Jonathan and Eva “Iyem” gave some memorabilias of artworks and pictures to her. In turn, Dinny gave a greeting card to each of us, except Vera (she was sent an email instead) and Yustina (Dinny left it at her house). In my card Dinny wrote that I was smart, kind, whatsoever and wished the best for me. I didn’t take it seriously though since I did believe that she had written the same kind of good things to others. She just can’t say bad things about others which I can easily do.

Dinny, who quitted to go to Jakarta like Eva “entut”, was the fourth that leaved the company in this year after Devi Sisca, Wiembardi, and Eva S. What a quite development we have here. I believe that most of them who leaved the company need larger fortunes since they got their next jobs instantly after they quitted. I can’t blame the work environment since I feel we are quite comfortable working at the company. Of course conflicts did and will always happen, but I have never found a major one so far. The company really should do something to keep its employees happier to stay.