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7 x 7 Things You (Don’t) Know About Me

In order to respect Carla who tagged me, twice; and to respect my sweetheart who asked me to write my things quite a while ago, I decided to write this post.

Okay, not all of those sentences are true, but the latest. In fact, I am quite bored, I want to write something, but I don’t know where to start since I haven’t write anything for a long, long time, so I guess this is a good material to help me start.

If you have noticed the title, it’s a bit different from what others have done, it says 7 things, not 8 things. That’s because I like the number 7. The items will be listed in alphabetical order. So, without further ado, let’s bring the list on.

7 Things I am Passionate About

  1. Tifa LockheartComputer and video games
  2. Food
  3. Information and computer technology
  4. Movies
  5. My family
  6. My sweetheart
  7. Mystery

7 Books I Have Read Recently

  1. BibleBible
  2. Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture — Martin Fowler
  3. Ruler of the Land (comic)
  4. Shanao Yoshitsune (comic)
  5. The Data Warehouse Toolkit — Ralph Kimball et al.
  6. The Data Warehouse ETL Toolkit — Ralph Kimball et al.
  7. The Pragmatic Programmer — Andrew Hunt et al.

7 Things I Want to Do Before I Die

  1. Wedding CakeLive a pleasant life before God.
  2. Marry her and have a couple of sweet kids and several grandkids.
  3. Satisfy my parents’ needs both materially and spiritually.
  4. Start and grow my own company, preferably a game studio.
  5. Stay (not just visit) in Surabaya, Jakarta, Singapore, UK, and USA.
  6. Take my family to visit at least one country in each continent on earth, well perhaps except Antarctica.
  7. Write a book and publish it.

7 Things I Have Learnt in These Past Years

  1. Pandora BoxGod does work in mysterious ways.
  2. Google is one of my best friend.
  3. Humans are full of surprises.
  4. No limits in learning.
  5. Promises and commitments are easy to make but difficult to keep.
  6. Sometimes, even the predictable is unpredictable.
  7. True love does exist.

7 Things That Attract Me to My Best Friends

  1. Common interests
  2. Kindness
  3. Sincerity
  4. Can’t think of anything else, I guess I am not too demanding of my friends :p

7 Songs That I Can Listen to Over and Over Again

  1. White Snake LegendBecause of You — Kelly Clarkson
  2. Dragostea Din Tei — O-Zone
  3. Du Qing (White Snake Legend Closing Theme Song) — Gao Sheng Mei
  4. I Need Some Sleep — Eels
  5. Most Christian praise and worship songs
  6. Qian Nian Deng Yi Hui (White Snake Legend Opening Theme Song) — Gao Sheng Mei
  7. Suteki da ne (Final Fantasy X Theme Song) — Ritsuki Nakano (Rikki)

7 Things I Say Often

  1. DOTAAmen
  2. Buzz, dah makan?, dah tidur?, lagi apa?, love you, miss you (only to her)
  3. Damn, shoot, sial, what the…
  4. Double kill, monster kill, triplle kill, killing spree, owning (mimicking the narrator of DOTA)
  5. Edan, gundul, sinting (meaning: crazy)
  6. Hehe
  7. Oh ya? Masak? Mosok? (meaning: really?)


It was a rainy morning on Tuesday, January 17 2006. I came unusually late to the office that day wet body because of the rain. I did my work as usual until around 6PM. Then I rode my motorcycle to the Landmark building to pick up Martha, my girlfriend.

The Deadly Accident

I drove pretty slowly until I passed the junction around Jalan Cokroaminoto, when suddenly, I saw a green motorcycle came to me from the left side ultra rapidly. It happened so fast that I didn’t really realized that I was already flying high in the air. A second later, I fell down hard to the street, bounced a few times, and rolled to the edge of the street.

I tried to breathe, slowly since I felt pain in my chest. I tried to move my body parts but I couldn’t. I took another breath and I could move my left arm. My legs were okay too. But my chest and stomach were aching so much I couldn’t take a deep breath. And my right arm, damn I couldn’t move it. It must be broken. My full-face helmet was thrown away along with my glasses and sandals. My bag and jacket were ripped apart. And I couldn’t see my motor cycle. Where was it? I must pick up Martha now. She must be worried.

Soon some people gather around me. Some asked whether I was alive. Then I gave a weak response. Fortunately they were kind people. They stopped a passing car and carried me to the nearest hospital, Rumah Sakit Abdi Waluyo. I felt like I was torn to pieces when they moved my body to the car. My broken arm made me want to scream, but the pain in my chest and stomach prevented me from making loud voices. I was taken inside a pickup car. I was put in the backside alone. I took the chance to grab my cellphone and called Martha. I told her what had happened and that I was taken to Abdi Waluyo hospital.

I was taken to the emergency room immediately and some nurses took care of me immediately. I had a nurse holding my broken right arm because the pain was torturing me. Another nurse brought me a glass of warm tea that I drank happily. Yet another nurse opened my jacket and upper clothing to clean my external wounds. Then I was brought to another room to have my broken arm x-rayed.

Some times later, Martha came. She looked very worried, but just by seeing her, half of my pain gone away. She took care of everything for me. After asking her auntie, which suggested me to be moved to another hospital: RS Husada, she called for an ambulance and that was the first time ever for me to be in it.

At Rumah Sakit Husada

With the pain in my whole body, the journey to Husada hospital seemed to be much longer. Only because of Martha’s companion that I still remained conscious. I tried my hardest to hold on although I felt extremely exhausted both physically and mentally. Until finally we arrived at the hospital. I was taken immediately to the emergency room but I didn’t understand why I didn’t get the required immediate treatment.

Sometime later, Martha’s cousin, Glen, came with her wife. They helped Martha dealing with the hospital’s administration. Martha asked me to call my parents but I refused because I didn’t want to make them worried. She insisted so I reluctantly did it. I called my mom and told her that I just got an accident. I told her that I was okay except a broken arm. My mom was shocked, then she said that she would go to Jakarta ASAP. I told her that it wasn’t necessary because I was sure that I would recover in no time (yeah right :p).

Meanwhile, Martha tried to contact one of my colleague. She found a name, Cherdian, and made a quick call informing my situation. Soon, my bosses, Mr. Nunung Halim and his wife, Mrs. Lyanita Halim, came. They kindly paid the down payment for my treatment.

The First Operation

Shortly, I was brought into the operation room. It was my first experience. Some nurses undressed me and put a white thin clothes on me. The doctor told me that he would repair my broken arm. He said that the operation would be swift and painless. He injected some kind of liquid into my body and I slowly fell unconscious.

I didn’t know how much time had passed when I regained my consciousness. At first I was confused, very confused. I found my self in a closed white room, with some people in white dresses around me, calling my name, poking my face softly. I tried my best but I still couldn’t see clearly. It seemed like a heavy fog was surrounding me. I hardly heard anything and I forgot that I was injured. All my senses were malfunctioning. I couldn’t stand no more and I fell asleep (or unconscious).

When I woke up, I saw Martha sitting next to my bed. I looked around and I realized that I was in another room. It looked like an ordinary hospital room and there were some other patients staying. I saw her smiling at me and told me that everything was gonna be okay. I was glad to see her and I felt safe. I was so tired that I fell asleep again.

My Arm Got Broken, Again!

I woke up the next morning and I saw Martha sleeping in a chair beside my bed. She must have been watching me all night, how grateful I was. Then she woke up and greeted me. She asked if I needed something. I told her that I was thirsty and she gave me water to drink. She inquired whether my arm had been okay. I said that it was back to one piece. I could move it freely again. Hooray!

Then she asked me whether I wanted to pee. I said I was not sure, but I thought it’s a good idea. She took a small urine container to me so I could pee without moving from the bed. I could still remember her panic look when she saw my dark and viscous urine. I was surprised myself. Was that blood? Was I peeing blood? My goodness!

Later in the morning, another cousin of Martha, Ludi visited me. He stayed for a while accompanying us. Then a nurse came telling me that I would be taken to the radiology room to get a USG scan to check if I had internal injuries, which should be obvious by the time I saw my bloody urine.

My room was in the upper floor while the radiology room was in the ground floor, so I must be taken into the elevator. Unfortunately, the floor of the elevator was not really aligned to the corridor’s floor. It caused my bed to shake when it was slided into the elevator. Unexpectedly, the shake made me scream, “Ouch!”. Damn, my inner part was aching. Martha was very worried and asked the nurses to move my bed more carefully.

Unlike my room which was so hot, the radiology room was so cold. There was this female doctor who did the scan. She applied some gel-like material on my chest, stomach, waist and back. Then she rolled a scanner on them. Since my right arm was getting in her way, she asked me to lift my arm upward. Since she was a doctor and I thought that doctors should know what they were doing, I followed her direction. I could lift my arm easily, and she continued her examination.

After she finished checking, she had some nurses delivered me back to my room. But on the way to my room, I realized that I couldn’t put my arm back to its original position. Martha was worried and asked why did I lifted my arm previously. I told her that the doctor had me done it. A nurse then consulted the doctor who previously operated my broken arm.

Bad news, he informed that I would need another operation to relocate my arm. What the heck! I was very upset.

Meet the Parent

A good news finally, my mom said that she was on the way. She took the first bus in the morning from Jember to Surabaya and caught a plane to Jakarta immediately. She said that she was coming with her aunt, my grandaunt. My mom had never come to Jakarta before, but fortunately, she managed to call my cousin, Lian, who lived in Tangerang. My cousin then asked his husband to pick my mom at Sukarno-Hatta airport.

I was very glad to see my mom, and at the same time sad because she had to see me in that condition. It was also the first time for Martha seeing my parent. It was funny when my grandaunt sometimes misaddressed Martha by calling her Maria.

Martha and I explained my situation to my mom. Then my mom called my family and relatives to relay the information.

The Second Operation

The night, I was taken by the nurses for the second operation. Entering the room for the second time, I no longer felt worried, only annoyed since I had to go through this once again. I told the doctor to do something so the same mistake wouldn’t happen again. He injected the anesthetic to my body then I finally lost my consciousness.

When I woke up, unlike the first operation, I woke up instantly without feeling dizzy. I found my arm was tied so hard I couldn’t move it. I saw it was a preventive action from the doctor. He should have done that in the first place.

My First CT Scan

Apparently, the USG Scan couldn’t reveal my inner body condition entirely. A doctor asked me to take the CT Scan so I could be examined more thoroughly. My mom agreed then I was taken to another radiology room. Inside it, a large machine operated by some nurses and technicians awaited me. A nurse had me drunk an awful liquid, she said it was needed for the CT Scan. She then injected another liquid to my body. I was laid on a hard bed in front of the machine. When the machine was operated, I was asked to take a deep breath, hold it, and released it some times later. I did it again and again until I bore my baby, oups, until the scanning finished :p. The nurses took me back to my room after the scan.

A Broken Kidney and Liver

That was the result of my CT Scan that shocked us. A surgery doctor suggested to take away my broken kidney. Fortunately, there was Dr. Ang, a good old lady doctor, who declined the suggestion and took the moderate way instead. She chose to treat me and healed my broken parts. She offered my mom to consult a urologist for my kidney treatment. She recommended Dr. Fajar as my urologist. She also arranged a blood transfusion for me since I lost many blood because of the bleeding.

Fortunately, the kind folks at X/Link (Metallogix Infolink Persada) came by and volunteered to donate their blood in exchange for the blood I took from PMI (Indonesian Red Cross). The night after the blood transfusion, I got a fever. The doctor said that it was natural because my body would at first reject the foreign blood. My good mom and Ima stayed all night to accompany me since I couldn’t sleep a bit because the heavy fever.

The next day, Dr. Fajar paid me his first visit. He was a young yet friendly doctor. He told us thouroughly about my condition, gave advices and medications. Unfortunately his advices were the tough ones. I might not move my body too much. In fact, I must maintain my position all the time. It seemed impossible for me, but I must do it in order to heal. He also ordered the laboratory to examine my urine everyday and recorded the result. “So we will know if your bleeding has stopped,” he said to me.

Love Is All Around

The treatment days bored me like no others. I only ate food prepared by the hospital, meaning no fried and hot food. The hospital used Martha’s aunt’s catering service. Martha’s aunt kindly ordered her employees to also provide food for my mom and Ima. Thanks to her, we could save money.

Martha always visited me after working, around 6PM. That was the time I missed the most everyday. She came home around 8PM. During weekends she stayed with me at the hospital. How lovely :). Martha’s mom, aunts, uncles, and cousins visited me too. Too bad I got to meet some of them for the first time in that condition.

My good friends also visited me. There were Eva Soeryono and Herlina who came in the wrong time. Sorry girls, I felt so weak that day I couldn’t greet you. Many friends from X/Link also came several times. They even raised fund to help me. Thanks to everyone at X/Link: Adam, Cherdian, Christianto, Christopher, Clara, Dharma, Fathur, Harun, Ian, Maria, Sugi, Tje Nen, and the others (sorry I always have troubles with remembering people’s names :p). A special thank to Mrs. Fina who coordinated and prepared everything for us. Even my friends from Ragnarok Online visited me. Surprising since I never met them before. Thanks Ravel, Jo (Indrawan), and Bambang.

I also received some SMS from my ex-Altoers friends, Mariza, Shirley, and Vebby. Were there anyone else? Sorry I forgot :p. Jonathan called me several times too. And surely my family from Jember and Situbondo called me almost everyday.

What surprised me is when some folks from Paduan Suara Nafiri GKI Gading Indah, a church choir, came to visit me. It was surprising because I just joined them I wouldn’t think that they had noticed me already. There were Mrs. Anny—the choir leader, Mr. Gunawan with his wife and daughter, Mrs. Eka, and some more that I didn’t recognize. Even more surprising, some days later, Mr. Gunawan came back to deliver some money donated by the choir members. Many thanks to you guys.

Even, there came Mr. Peter Samsudin—once a preacher in my home church at GKT Jember who now live in Jakarta—and his wife. They came to comfort and pray for me and my mom.

And what I never expected is when Mr. Yohanes Onlyson—also once a preacher at GKT Jember and he is my Mom’s favorite preacher—came with Mrs. Elly—his wife—to offer me staying at his apartment for a while after I went out of the hospital. At first, I refused the offer politely because I intended to go to Jember directly.

I was also getting familiar with the kind nurses at RS Husada. They treated me really nicely but didn’t bought me all these ices :p. Unfortunately I couldn’t remember their names except Ms. Suryaningsih because of her ultra friendliness. Also there was the surgery doctor who told me this joke:

“There will never be dark in this hospital, because we have here doctor Fajar and nurse Suryaningsih.”

In Indonesian, Fajar means morning and Surya means the Sun.

But all the love I got in the hospital couldn’t keep me any longer at the hospital. A month is definitely more than enough. I must go out and get back to work. But the doctor wouldn’t let me go before my urine was free from blood. The bad news was every time I moved my body too much, my kidney bled and produced bloody urine. It meant that I may not move too much (or at all) if I wanted to get well soon. Sigh, I guessed I didn’t have much choices if I didn’t want my kidney to be taken out.

Leaving the Hospital

It was Friday, February 10, 2006 when I was finally allowed to leave. And it was also my first time to get up from the bed after almost a month I laid on a bed all the time. I thought it would be easy. I only needed to get up and walked out of the hospital, got a taxi to the airport, and flew to Surabaya. But I was wrong. Even sitting on the bed made me so dizzy I couldn’t sit for too long. My mom explained that it was natural since I had been sleeping on the bed very long. I forced myself and tried to sit again. I didn’t care about the dizziness. Then I tried hard to stand up while holding the edge of the bed. Woa, I thought I was flying. The whole world was moving around so fast my sight was blurred. I closed my eyes and got a strong grip. A few seconds later I opened my eyes and the world still seemed to spin fast. I shook my head several times. I couldn’t stand for too long then I sat on a nearby chair.

Mom called my cousin to come and help us pack our things. She also called Mr. Onlyson telling him that I was about to go home. My cousin’s husband came soon and Mr. Onlyson came shortly after and met my mother at the hospital administration room. After finishing their business with the hospital, my mom told me that I should go to Mr. Onlyson’s apartment since I was so weak. I finally agreed and we went together to his apartment.

I stayed at his apartment a few days until February 14, 2006 before I went home to Jember. I couldn’t say enough gratitude to him and his family for their hospitality.

Jakarta, I’ll be back…

Arrived in Surabaya

My dad, sister, grandaunt, and ik Li Cen (my aunt) picked me and my mom at the airport. From there, we went directly to my grandma’s house at Pondok Candra Indah to rest. My grandma looked worried and relieved at the same time when she saw me.

Before I came to Surabaya, Vebby told me that she would pick me up at the airport. But my family had picked me up so I sent an SMS to her that I was already there. Vebby was in Malang at the time but she told my other friends about me. Carla, Lisa, Lusi, and Yenny then came and brought me some of my favorite foods: Bakwan Penyet and Ayam Penyet from the Bu Kris restaurant. Thanks gals.

Back at Home

In the afternoon, we went home to Jember. Back to my home. Back to my room. Back to my family. Back to my mom’s hotlicious food :p. I stayed home for around three weeks. Enough for me to regain half of my strength so I could get back to work again in Jakarta.

This was an experience I wouldn’t forget in my whole life. But just in case my memory failed to serve me well—and it did happen some times—I blogged it :D.

Bye Surabaya

Yes, it’s true. I will leave Surabaya by the end of this month. I’ll go to my hometown, Jember, and stay there for a few weeks. Then I’ll start my new job in Jakarta. Since I am still in Surabaya at this moment, I think this is a good time for me to write my experience briefly here.

What have I done in Surabaya?

I first came to stay in Surabaya in the year of 1998 when I entered the college in Universitas Surabaya. Many things have happened since then. I learned so much new things, made so much mistakes, made some new friends, met my first and second girlfriends, got my first professional job in PT Nagamas Gemilang Mandiri (the publisher of the Chinese Daily Newspaper: Naga Surya), got my first salary, got my first cellular phone, lost my grandpa and grandma, lost my first motorcycle, and many more things.

But to be honest, the most memorable moments are the past five months, since I met my first love. She is not my first girlfriend, but she is truly my first love. The one to whom I am willing to sacrifice myself. In the past five months I shed tears more than I did in my whole life. But the love and happiness she gave me was more than enough to make me survive. Also, she is the main reason why I want to leave Surabaya.

A tribute to my company and colleagues

My colleagues and I Currently I work as a Web developer at Excellogix, a Web site publishing company. It is a small company based in Surabaya. We have two bosses here: Mr. Tan It Pin and Mrs. Vera Sumargo. While Mr. It Pin has great ambition and vision about this company, Mrs. Vera possesses excellent technical and interpersonal skill. Together they make a good team of leadership. I would like to say many thanks to them for giving me the opportunity to work here for the past two years. I really appreciate their advices in my professional and personal life.

I also have many great friends here. Let’s say Vebby Anastasia and Lusida Juwita who sit next to my desk. They like to bring and share food to the office. Lusida is also a great cook. Her chocolate pudding is very delicious. Vebby and Carla Bley Ardian are also good listeners. I know to whom should I go when I need to talk. Jonathan Himawan Wijaya is a crazy guy. He likes violence but deep inside, he has a good heart. He loves to help people sincerely. He helped me a lot during my journey to Jakarta.

There is also Bambang, a nice person and a hard worker. We often go outside having lunch together or watching movies. Yendy is a sweet guy. He always talks nice and sweet things. On the other hand, Lisa Gunawan likes to make fun of her self and people around her. The environment is always cheerful whenever she’s around. Yet on the other hand, Devy Liliana and Agung Wicaksono are the quietest persons here. They are both also the tallest boy and girl in this office. They are both skinny. Wow, they share so many common things.

We also have a couple of lovers here, Freddy Tjokro and Eva Natalia. There is also a couple of maniac like Anton and Mariza Saraswati who like to have seductive conversation. Then there is the caring Sinta, the material girl Herlina, the workaholic Stephanie, the anime lover Pratu, the weird game lover Alex, the calm Yustina, and the hardworker Yunus Tamin.

I’m glad I have the chance to know various kinds of person like you, guys. You are all great. This is not good bye. We live in the Information age, right? And we work in the Information Technology industry. So staying in touch is not a problem at all. We will meet again for sure. Good luck to all of you.