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Exchanging your faulty iPhone

Just like every other electronics product, your iPhone can or will have problems. In my case, the home button was not responsive. Since it is a mechanical part that I interact most often, it is only natural that it eventually wore off. I was lucky it happened while it was still covered by the warranty, so I could take it for a free service from Apple. Really? No!

The fact that recent Apple consumer products like iPhone is a very integrated product makes it so there are no user-serviceable parts. In a way, people think it is bad, since you cannot have extra batteries for instance. It is made in such a way even the local Apple authorized service centers will not be able to service it for you. Instead, they will exchange your faulty iPhone with a new replacement set immediately — subject to stocks availability.

So, what is this new iPhone replacement set anyway?

Well, I do not have a certain information, so take it with a grain of salt. Based on user posts in some Apple forums and from the service center staffs, I think it can be either (most probably) refurbished or new set. It will come in a black box with nothing but the iPhone. No cables, earphones, or other accessories are included in this replacement set. In other words, they will only exchange your iPhone, not the accessories.

A refurbished set means it was once a faulty set that has been repaired by the manufacturer in a way it looks like a new one, but of course it is not. Some parts like the chassis or the battery may be new, but not everything is new.

Because of this, and the high possibility of getting a refurbished set, you better not exchange your iPhone if there is no problem with it, or you may end up having another iPhone with a worse condition. When I exchanged for the first time, two days ago, I got a replacement set that had problems during calls. More specifically, the other party often could not hear anything I said on the phone. I went and got a second replacement for this issue.

Also, you don’t always get the latest iPhone and/or iOS release. My first replacement iPhone was a week 35 production and came with iOS 4.3.5 while the second week 31 with iOS 4.3.3. I did the second exchange on a different outlet, so it really depends on the availability.

Okay, done with the blabberin’, so what do you need to do to get your faulty iPhone replaced?


There are some conditions that you have to satisfy before you are entitled to a replacement iPhone:

  1. It must be still under warranty. Normally it is one year since the purchase and activation date. You can extend it to two years if you buy an Apple Care protection plan for your iPhone.
  2. You must have bought your iPhone in your local authorized resellers or local Apple stores (online or offline). It includes authorized telecom companies, in Singapore, they are Singtel, StarHub, and M1.
  3. It must not have a severe physical damage. Some small scratches shouldn’t matter, but your mileage may vary.
  4. It must not have been soaked in water. The service center staff usually uses a simple torch light to check for the water damage (corrosion) in your iPhone headphone and charger sockets; you can do the same before going.
  5. I am not sure if they will replace a jailbroken iPhone, but just to be on the safe side, restore it to the factory condition using iTunes.

Exchanging your iPhone

If you have satisfied the conditions, now you can go and exchange your faulty iPhone. The exchanging process usually does not take too much time (only about 15-20 minutes for me), but if there are many customers, you may have to queue for a while.
  1. Back up your iPhone using iTunes. You don’t want to reinstall all your apps manually and lose all your precious data, do you?
  2. Go to a nearest or your preferred Apple service center. Keep in mind, though, if you bought your iPhone from a telco, you need to go to the telco service center, not Apple’s. In my case I went to StarHub service center. If you bought your iPhone online in Singapore, you need to go to QCD at Tagore Building.
  3. When you hand over your iPhone to a staff, they will do the usual routines:
    • Check for water damage.
    • Check the warranty.
    • Validate your complaints. Normally they are not too strict about this, they just believe everything that you say. Nice, isn’t it? But of course, your mileage may vary.
  4. Then they will hand you a replacement set. Take your time and check it thoroughly before taking it home.
  5. Once you agree to accept the replacement set, they will do the registration, move your SIM card, and activate the phone for you. Then you can take it home with you immediately.
  6. Open iTunes and restore the last backup to your replacement iPhone. Now it will be just like your original iPhone.
That’s it, a very simple process. I can say this is a completely different level of service from Apple compared to other companies.
They will also extend your warranty to 3 months from the exchange date, so you can still come back if you find issues with your replacement set.
Power Support Anti Glare FilmOne more thing (:
I put a quite expensive Power Support film set (screen protector) on my iPhone. I don’t want to discard them and spend another $35.00 to buy a new one for my replacement iPhone. So, I asked the staff to move the film from my old iPhone to the replacement set. And surprisingly, the kind staff agreed to do it, and they did it properly (no misalignment or bubbles). They did it in two different occasions (I exchanged my phone twice). So thank you kind StarHub staffs. I don’t remember their name, but the first was a kind gentleman from StarHub VivoCity, and the second was a friendly and pretty lady at booth 8 from StarHub Plasa Singapura.
You saved me from potentially spending $70.00 (:

A Week with Me

Sunday, Nov 28: Timeline and Cold Mountain

Some days before, Carla lent me two VCDs, Timeline and Cold Mountain. When I played the movie, I quickly found out why she had it. Because Paul Walker was one of the actor. She has been a loyal fan of him lately. Timeline was a sci-fi movie about some archaeologists who travelled back to the past to find their leader. The setting was when English invaded Franch. Nothing special though, the story is easily followed and so predictable.

While Timeline is an under average movie, Cold Mountain is really a good movie featuring some decent actors and actresses: Jude Law, Nicole Kidman, Renee Zelweger, and Natalie Portman. Ada Monroe (Nicole Kidman) and her father, a priest, came to a remote place called Cold Mountain. There she met Inman (Jude Law) and felt in love at the first sight. Soon, there was a civil war in America. Inman and the other young men were sent to battle. Having spent quite some times in the battlefield, Inman couldn’t resist his feeling anymore and decided to go home to meet Ada. Unfortunately, every man running away from the battlefield was considered a traitor and must be killed at sight. Hence, the journey was not a walk in the park.

Cold Mountain packs many romantic scenes, especially between Ada and Inman. A must see for every fan of love stories. Renee played so well as the servant of Ada that she got the recent Academy Award as the best supporting actress.

Monday, Nov 29: Milla Jovovich Gets an Upgrade

Around 5 PM, Jon suddenly asked me to go watch the movie with him. Resident Evil 2: Apocalypse. At last, I’d asked him several times before but he always replied that he didn’t have enough money. Luckily, we arrived at Galaxy Mall just before the movie began. I got two tickets for us at a very strategic position at the top row.

The movie started slowly but things changed when Jill Valentine (Sienna Guillory) got in a really cool action. It got even better when Alice (Milla Jovovich) finally kicked in and killed some zombies and creatures. Gosh, Alice was much better there than the previous movie. The story told that Alice and her friend had been injected with the T-Virus that mutated them and gave them a magnificent power. While Alice still got her consciousness, her friend didn’t and turned into a dreadful monster, Nemesis. IMO, this is the best action movie since Van Helsing. Don’t miss it.

Tuesday, Nov 30: The War of Emperium

Warning: If you ain’t familiar with Ragnarok Online, skip this.

Every Tuesday, the War of Emperium took place. I decided to leave my guild temporarily and join a stronger guild this time. I made a good choice since my new guild and I could take a castle, Valkrie 3. After hunting in the guild dungeon for a while, my new guild master asked me to stay in the guild longer. It was a good offer actually, but I had promised that I would only leave my old guild temporarily and would come back later, so I refused the offer.

Wednesday – Thursday, Dec 1 – 2: Boring

Nothing really happened in this periode. Boring as usual.

Friday, Dec 3: Is StarOne Good?

These days, I really couldn’t leave without the Internet. I read news, contact others, work, study, and play on the Net. Therefore, I need my own connection to the Net. Dial Up connection is evil. It is slow and hella expensive. Can you imagine? Almost 10,000 rupiahs per hour for a connection at 56 kbps maximum . Cable Internet is also ridiculous. The cable provider need me to register with the cable television first before getting the Internet connection. What the heck will I need the cable television for since I hardly have time to watch the television. DSL, the rising star in the Internet connection, is so damn expensive. 300,000 and 1.5 million rupiahs per month for 500 MB and unlimited bandwith respectively. Not mentioning that most, if not all, Indonesian Internet Service Provider suck.

Recently, in an online gaming forum, some people suggested frequent Internet users to use StarOne. StarOne is actually a CDMA operator. It offers an unlimited internet connection for only ~300,000 rupiahs per month. It’s cheap. Unfortunately some of the users complained about its unreliability. Gosh….

Saturday, Dec 4: Social Day

Around 10 AM in the morning, some colleagues and I visited Sinta. There were Anton, Bambang, Lisa Gunawan, Jon, Yustina, and Yunus. She just had a baby. A boy. She was so protective that she asked us to wash our hands and feet before we saw her baby. Soon, Shirley Wibisono and Yendy joined.

After spending some times there, we tried to find some food while Yunus went home. I suggested Vivi‘s place which was nearby. They seemed satisfied with the food and I was satisfied because I could see her after quite some times. She was pretty as usual. Lucky me, she was making some cookies and she let me have some.

After eating, Jon decided to go home while the rest of us wanted to visit Stephanie at Adi Jasa. Her grannie recently passed away. Since she would be there at around 3 PM and at the moment it was 1 PM, Shirley asked us to visit her home and wait there. While others were playing PS2, I fixed Shirley’s computer. She said it couldn’t connect to the Internet. Finally I could fix the computer and asked Shirley to fight me in Tekken 4. I lost the first fight but won the rest two fights.

Around 2.30 PM, we headed for Adi Jasa. After waiting for the church service for about half an hour, we finally met Stephanie. Honestly, she doesn’t look so sad. She maybe not so closed to her grannie. We went home at about 4 or 5 PM. Well, enough for today, I went straight home after taking Lisa to her house. See ya!