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7 x 7 Things You (Don’t) Know About Me

In order to respect Carla who tagged me, twice; and to respect my sweetheart who asked me to write my things quite a while ago, I decided to write this post.

Okay, not all of those sentences are true, but the latest. In fact, I am quite bored, I want to write something, but I don’t know where to start since I haven’t write anything for a long, long time, so I guess this is a good material to help me start.

If you have noticed the title, it’s a bit different from what others have done, it says 7 things, not 8 things. That’s because I like the number 7. The items will be listed in alphabetical order. So, without further ado, let’s bring the list on.

7 Things I am Passionate About

  1. Tifa LockheartComputer and video games
  2. Food
  3. Information and computer technology
  4. Movies
  5. My family
  6. My sweetheart
  7. Mystery

7 Books I Have Read Recently

  1. BibleBible
  2. Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture — Martin Fowler
  3. Ruler of the Land (comic)
  4. Shanao Yoshitsune (comic)
  5. The Data Warehouse Toolkit — Ralph Kimball et al.
  6. The Data Warehouse ETL Toolkit — Ralph Kimball et al.
  7. The Pragmatic Programmer — Andrew Hunt et al.

7 Things I Want to Do Before I Die

  1. Wedding CakeLive a pleasant life before God.
  2. Marry her and have a couple of sweet kids and several grandkids.
  3. Satisfy my parents’ needs both materially and spiritually.
  4. Start and grow my own company, preferably a game studio.
  5. Stay (not just visit) in Surabaya, Jakarta, Singapore, UK, and USA.
  6. Take my family to visit at least one country in each continent on earth, well perhaps except Antarctica.
  7. Write a book and publish it.

7 Things I Have Learnt in These Past Years

  1. Pandora BoxGod does work in mysterious ways.
  2. Google is one of my best friend.
  3. Humans are full of surprises.
  4. No limits in learning.
  5. Promises and commitments are easy to make but difficult to keep.
  6. Sometimes, even the predictable is unpredictable.
  7. True love does exist.

7 Things That Attract Me to My Best Friends

  1. Common interests
  2. Kindness
  3. Sincerity
  4. Can’t think of anything else, I guess I am not too demanding of my friends :p

7 Songs That I Can Listen to Over and Over Again

  1. White Snake LegendBecause of You — Kelly Clarkson
  2. Dragostea Din Tei — O-Zone
  3. Du Qing (White Snake Legend Closing Theme Song) — Gao Sheng Mei
  4. I Need Some Sleep — Eels
  5. Most Christian praise and worship songs
  6. Qian Nian Deng Yi Hui (White Snake Legend Opening Theme Song) — Gao Sheng Mei
  7. Suteki da ne (Final Fantasy X Theme Song) — Ritsuki Nakano (Rikki)

7 Things I Say Often

  1. DOTAAmen
  2. Buzz, dah makan?, dah tidur?, lagi apa?, love you, miss you (only to her)
  3. Damn, shoot, sial, what the…
  4. Double kill, monster kill, triplle kill, killing spree, owning (mimicking the narrator of DOTA)
  5. Edan, gundul, sinting (meaning: crazy)
  6. Hehe
  7. Oh ya? Masak? Mosok? (meaning: really?)

Gathering at Felix’s Wedding

Wedding BearsThe day before yesterday, November 21, I attended Felix Harianto‘s wedding party at Shangri-la Hotel. He is my ex-classmate from SMUK Santo Paulus Jember. It was Wednesday, so it’s rather odd since most people pick weekends as their wedding days. But Felix told me earlier in an online chatting session that he chose the day because it was the anniversary. Plus, the cost for renting the place is cheaper than weekends.

The event started at 7pm, but I came to early at around 6pm. Fortunately I came with my lovely Martha so it was not a problem to kill some time. We came straight from our offices since it was an ordinary work day.

The wedding place was so well decorated. There was plenty of food. Although at first only a few people came, later that night the room was crowded. There are no special events though. No dances, no bouquet toss, and even, sadly, no photo sessions. Felix did ask me to take some pictures when I was about to go home. But his wife dragged him somewhere else and it was late already, so that didn’t happen.

The party was also a small gathering with my old friends who currently live in Jakarta: Alan, Benny, Indra Setiawan, Kwok Siong, Susanto, and Yananta Muslie. Unfortunately, Handoko couldn’t make it there because he was sick. It has been almost ten years since I last saw them. Some didn’t change much while some others I hardly recognized. Here are my small updates on their info:


This skinny fellow lives, surprisingly, near my place at Kelapa Gading.  He greeted me first that night when he came with her girl friend.

Benny and Kwok Siong

They currently worked together at Sunter area.  Benny looked the same like I last saw him at high school, but that’s not the case with Kwok Siong who got fatter and rounder face.

Indra Setiawan

He was one of my best buddies back then. Unlike the others, I already met Indra in Jakarta last year when I was looking for a boarding house at Kelapa Gading. He came with his girlfriend later that night. Currently, he worked as a sales for a chemical company in Cibitung.


“Wanna buy some computers, Den?” that was his first reaction when I met him. Apparently, he sells computers. He also didn’t change much in appearance.

Yananta Muslie

This was another best friend of mine in high school. Living at Serang, Banten, he turns out to be a successful player in the lumber business. He is married and will soon be a father since his wife has been being pregnant for about seven months.

That’s all for now. Until next time guys.

Congratulation to the newly married couple: Felix and Delly.

Farewell Intimedia

Today, I bought some Dunkin Donuts after lunch, and asked Miss Wulan Novianti to help me distribute them to the Intimedians. Curious, she asked me, “Are you having a birthday?” I answered briefly, “Yes.” But in June—I muttered in my mind. She greeted me then started to distribute to donuts. Here is the funny part; to every person, she said that it was my birthday, so everyone greeted me for my future birthday tehehe. It turned out that many still didn’t know that I was leaving.

left to right: agus budi, me, erickHuh, leaving? Yes, I know I only work for Intimedia (a.k.a. PT. Puspa Intimedia Internusa) and Intimedia Talents (a.k.a. PT. Talenta Intimedia) for 7 months. But in that 7 months I think I have improved vastly both technically and non-technically. In Intimedia, I improve more than I had ever done before in all my previous jobs. So I guess I can never say enough thanks to all my friends, buddies, colleagues, supervisors, and bosses at Intimedia.

I’m going to use the following space to express my gratitude and acknowledgement for my colleagues who had worked closely with me, alphabetically, in Indojamalish (Indonesian + Jawa + Madura + English).

Ade Rima (Secretary – Intimedia)

Thanks Mbak Ade, dah bantuin gue ngurusin segala macem, termasuk ngurusin pendaftaran seminar-seminar dan tes MCTS. Semoga cepet dapet momongan yah.

Adrianto Gani (CEO – Intimedia)

I am very grateful for the chances and trusts you gave to me. I am so sorry this time I have to let you down—by leaving. I really hope I can work together with you again one day. Good luck for Intimedia and the Web Venture campaign.

Agus Budi Rahardjo (Sales – Intimedia)

Lom pernah kerja bareng ma dia, tapi pas nonton film anniversary Intimedia yang ke-10, Agus Budi ternyata punya bakat terpendam untuk jadi Jamrud-nya Intimedia (bareng Pak Erick dan Pak Rachmat). Sering ketemu dia lagi mborong ransum di Carrefour. Selasa kemaren juga dia nemenin gue pas lagi bt (butuh temen) nungguin sepatu (dah dibayar ga dikasih-kasih barangnya) di Carrefour. Sukses ya bos.

Agus Jay (Training Specialist – Intimedia Digital Education)

Belakangan ini jadi sering nulis di WikiMu, pak? Deathnotenya sampai mana? Si Agus ini demen banget ma anime/manga. Makanya tulisannya di WikiMu juga ga jauh-jauh beda ma itu. Dulu gue inget sering dikunjungin dia nih, pas lagi mau kasih training soal .NET. Sayang ga jadi ya, Gus. Semoga sukses deh lain kali. Jangan maen StarCraft trus, dah ketinggalan jaman hehehe.

Albertus Danang (Infrastructure – Intimedia)

“Nang, upload yo…” Marine kowe ga bakal terimo telponku seng muni ngono kae nang. Rasane kowe paling sering tak repotno aku yo. Tapi yo salahmu dewe, coba password server-e aku dikandani, hehehe. Ojo mangan sate kambing terus, mengko kolesterol. Salam nang Yuan, nek kawin ojo lali ngundang-ngundang yo.

Alvin (Developer – Intimedia Talents)

Kalo di kantor jadi temen baiknya si Ka Hoat, kemana-mana bareng. Alvin nih anti pedes. Dah gitu kalo makan dijatah ga boleh lebih dari 4000. Lagi nabung buat apa sih Vin? Thanks dah bantuin gue di WikiMu dan Virtual Vending yah.

Bayu Wardhana (WikiMu Manager – Intimedia Web Venture)

“Mas Bayu mana?” mesti ngono kae si Mbak Yanti (soko warteg mburine Mal Ambassador) lek aku teko ora karo awakmu. Sukses buat WikiMu mas, aku isih tetep anggota WikiMu koq. Seng sabar yo, aku yo ngerti bug-e WikiMu sak abrek-abrek, mohon dimaklumi, resource terbatas :D.

Christian F. Guswai (Business Director – Intimedia Web Venture)

Pak Guswai nih jagoan maen Ping Pong. Ngga nyangka memang. Awalnya juga keliatan nyeremin, tapi ternyata juga demen becanda, terutama pas maen ping pong atau gathering WikiMu. Apalagi kalau lagi sama Bu Mel, cocok banget deh. Selain itu beliau juga langganan jadi anggota favorit di WikiMu. “Kalau ada 10 orang kayak Pak Guswai aja, pasti WikiMu cepet majunya.” Kata si Bayu dulu. Ngga salah sih, pak Guswai kan sering ngajakin temennya join. Beliau juga punya determinasi tinggi, kemauan keras, punya standar dan disiplin tinggi. Sampai beberapa staffnya ga tahan tekanannya loh :p. Sukses buat Virtual Vending, Pak.

Oh ya, saya sering salah tulis namanya jadi Gus Way, diprotes deh. Pake ‘i’, Den, bukan ‘y’. Maap pak :p.

Diana (Developer – Intimedia Talents)

Kerja bareng si Diana memang ga lama. Waktu itu lagi awalnya bikin WikiMu. Tapi dah cukup buat Diana menceritakan pengalaman-pengalaman menyedihkannya hehe. Makasih yah Di, pas kemaren Jakarta banjir dah bantuin aku cari kos :).

F. Erick Tumetel (General Manger – Intimedia Web Venture)

Erick nih sangat visioner dan bersemangat, berjiwa muda tapi berpandangan dewasa. Awal-awal di Intimedia liatnya rada serem, sangar gitu. Tapi ternyata friendly banget. Lagi demen ngomongin bola, maklum lagi pegang proyek berapaberapa.com gitu loh. Keep the spirit, bro. And of course keep in touch lah, remember we have something to achieve :).

Ferdinand Firmansyah (Developer – Intimedia Talents)

Dia masuk, gue dapat tugas ngebimbing dari Pak Las. Tapi untungnya bisa dipake di project gue. Sayangnya cuman sebentar, tega banget Pak Las itu. Thanks yah Firman, dah bantu-bantu di Virtual Vending. Waktu itu deadline nya lagi ngeri, bantuan lu sangat berarti.

G.S. Laswijiyanto (General Manager – Intimedia Talents)

Pak Las nih yang paling sporty di kantor. Jagoan ping pong maupun badminton. Maen sama Pak Las ga bisa disebut tanding, belajar yang bener. Masa orang dah pada mandi keringet, Pak Las netes aja ngga. Pak saya masih boleh ikutan badmintonnya kan :D?

Pak Las banyak kasih wejangan sejak awal saya di Talents. Orangnya bijaksana banget (pengaruh umur kali ya :D). Pokoknya terima kasih banyak atas segala kesempatan dan perhatiannya pak. Maaf saya pergi bikin Pak Las makin kekurangan orang. Semoga sukses dapat developer-developer baru buat Talents. Sampai ketemu di lapangan Pak, jek ra sara maenna Pak, berik kerenganan ka seng enoman taiye.

left to right: ikka, ledy, me, herlina

Herlina Wati (Developer – Intimedia Web Venture)

Cewek mungil ini ternyata suka banget ngedumel dan ngomel sendiri. Suka banget ngerepotin gue ma Robin. Manja gitu. Tapi biarpun keliatannya gampang stress, ternyata kuat juga tuh sama tekanan. Jangan-jangan pulang kantor ambil boneka babi terus dijadiin sansak dan dipukulin (inget Nene-nya Sinchan nih). Herlina juga anti makan di warteg, padahal dulu pertama masuk masih mau, masih jaim sih.

Deket banget nih anak ma Robin. Tiap hari setengah jam kerja Robin pasti habis di sampingnya Herlina. Keliatannya sih lagi ngajarin Herlina, tapi masa ngajarin tiap hari sih. Herlinanya yang ga bisa-bisa atau pura-pura ga bisa sih. Mencurigakan memang.

Oh ya, meja kerjanya Herlina tuh paling lengkap, mulai dari makanan, sabun mandi, sabun cuci tangan, sabun cuci muka, sabun cuci kaki, bumbu-bumbu makanan, kecap, saos, sambel, obat sakit kepala, sakit flu, sakit panu, semuanya ada. Kayak mo pindahan rumah aja lu Her. Tapi dah lengkap gitu masih suka nyolong tissue gue, huh.

Heru (Lead Developer – Intimedia Talents)

Waktu awal masuk Intimedia, Heru yang baru jadi bapak ini ketiban kerjaan dari Pak Las buat jadi buddy gue. Thanks bro. Ntar bisa ketemu lagi pas maen badminton kan.

Ika (Developer – Intimedia Talents)

Anak ini korban iklan banget, hari ini ada iklan ngomong apa, besoknya dah dia populerin ke kantor. Capek deh… Ika banyak banget ngebantu pas lagi bikin Virtual Vending. Tapi bug-nya juga banyak biuh. Waktu Jakarta banjir juga dah bantuin gue nyari kos (bareng si Diana juga), thanks sis.

Ikka Wuwiwa (Virtual Vending Administrator – Intimedia Web Venture)

Pendatang baru di Intimedia, tapi dah sok akrab panggil-panggil om. Memang kapan gue kawin ma tante lo? Ikka Ikka, moga-moga betah yah. Ada lu, Herlina paling bahagia tuh.

Ka Hoat (Specialist – Intimedia)

Geek-nya Intimedia. Soal teknikal, mungkin nomer 1 deh di sini. Sudah kayak MSDN aja pengetahuan teknisnya. Mo tanya apa aja soal coding, dia hampir selalu bisa jawab. Sering jadi reference manual buat temen-temen developer. Pokoknya T-O-P deh.

Kiki Rizki Noviandi (Technical Director – Intimedia Web Venture)

Kiki dulu yang ngetes gue pas gue mau masuk Intimedia. Wah serem-serem juga pertanyaannya. Untung lolos :D. Biarpun baru bergabung dengan Web Venture, Kiki dah banyak kasih masukan dan bikin beberapa rule buat bikin kerjaan developer lebih nyaman. Itu untungnya punya atasan yang ngerti bebannya developer, thanks yah Pak Kiki.

Ledy Sovianti (Quality Assurance – Intimedia Talents)

Gue tukeran ma elu nih jadinya. Kalo elu mau gue ngomong yang bagus-bagus ke cowok elu, itu bisa diatur, ntar kita nego aja deh. Thanks yah Led dah bantuin kita ngetesin program-program kita. Btw, lu kan hobi fotografi, ga mo jadi pro aja? Atau jadi tukang pijit pro juga bisa tuh :D.

Marcus Bonnie (Graphics Designer – Intimedia Web Venture)

Orang paling religius di kantor (di samping Erick), wallpaper-nya aja gambarnya Yesus, Bunda Maria, dan orang-orang kudus lainnya. Cuman kalau nulis di WikiMu suka pakai nama Marc, dan tulisannya kadang-kadang ga ada religius-religiusnya. Curiga nih, jangan-jangan si Marc itu alter-ego nya si Bonnie. Jangan ngambek kalau tulisanmu sering disensor sama si Bayu ya Bon, take it easy man.

Mei Nie (Finance – Intimedia Talents)

Cik Mei Nie baru married, tapi sori banget gue ga dateng. Abis jauh banget sih, pake di Bogor segala. Di Jakarta aja napa. Dulu awal-awal gue masuk, kalo makan sering mojok sendiri di ruangannya, tapi syukur belakangan ini dah berubah, dah lebih bersosialisasi. Semoga berbahagia dan cepet dapet anak cucu deh.

Melani Laksmono (Community Director – Intimedia Web Venture)

“Denniiii!!! Kenapa nih WikiMu-nya?” Gitu deh Bu Mel teriak kenceng kalo lagi ada masalah ma WikiMu. Bu Mel ini bos yang paling ceria deh. Kenceng banget ngomongnya kalau lagi excited atau becanda. Rame gitu. Beliau juga sangat pengertian, mau mendengar keluh kesah stafnya. Makasih Bu Mel buat semua kesempatan yang sudah diberikan buat saya. Makasih juga buat traktiran pempeknya waktu itu. Sampai ketemu lagi yah.

Noening Soeryandari (HRD Manager – Intimedia)

Sering ketemu nih ma Bu Noening di bawah jembatan Karet di Sudirman pas nunggu bus. Bu Noening orangnya simpatik dan perhatian. Makasih ya Bu buat kesempatannya sehingga saya bisa bergabung dengan Intimedia. Maaf kalau kepergian saya juga sangat mengecewakan Bu Noening. Semoga kalau ketemu lagi di bawah jembatan masih mau tersenyum dan menyapa saya.

Norman Sasono (Principal Engineer – Intimedia)

Salah satu MVP-nya Intimedia (di samping Kiki). Soal kemampuan teknis sih dah ga perlu ditanya. Beliau juga tutor dan pembicara yang sangat baik. Antusiasmenya tinggi sekali. Waktu itu saya mendapat kesempatan langka untuk bekerja dengan Pak Norman. Saya minta maaf ternyata saya malah melepaskan kesempatan itu. By the way, thanks for the books. They rock, I enjoyed reading them.

Rachmat Hariyanto (Project Operation Manager – Intimedia)

Selama saya di Intimedia, sepertinya kita baru lumayan akrab pas maen badminton bareng ya Pak. Seneng nih ngobrol ma Pak Rachmat. Ternyata orangnya gaul juga. Ntar kalo masih boleh maen badminton kita masih ketemu tiap Selasa ya Pak.

Raymond Sutanto (Director – Intimedia Talents)

Orangnya tinggi besar, jagoan maen ping pong juga. Bos saya ini ternyata baik banget loh. Pas saya masih kos di Kelapa Gading, cukup sering Pak Raymond nawarin tumpangan untuk pulang. Thanks a lot ya Pak. I really hope for the success of Intimedia Talents under your direction.

left to right: robin, bayu, meRobin (Developer – Intimedia Talents)

Pak Raymond sering refer kita Batman and Robin. Robin nih developer yang paling gue andalin di semua project gue di sini. Pekerja keras, kreatif, dan berinisiatif. Biarpun Robin sangat suka CPP (Copy Paste Programming), paling tidak dia selalu menyelesaikan pekerjaannya dengan cukup baik. Robin juga yang dulu sering gue repotin pas awal masuk kerja. Siapa suruh lu duduk sebelah gue, Bin, ya paling enak nanya apa-apa kan ke lu, yang paling deket. Maklum karyawan baru, lom ngerti apa-apa.

Robin juga enak diajak ngomongin apa aja. Mau olahraga, gosip artis terkini, iptek, apa juga nyambung ma dia. Sayangnya koq ga suka nulis yah? Isi dung itu WikiMu sama berapaberapa.com. Jangan cuman coding duang Bin.

Selain coding, Robin juga jago maen ping pong loh. Mantep banget dah. Sampai Herlina aja kagum dan nempel terus sama lu.

Samuel (Developer – Intimedia Talents)

Hei man, how do you do man. Nih anak keknya bisa jadi rapper. Dulu ngambil tes MCTS bareng-bareng, tapi dia lulus dengan nilai jauh lebih tinggi. Hapalannya kuat sih ya :D. Thanks waktu itu bantuin di Virtual Vending dan WikiMu. Good luck bro.

Yose Rizal (Developer – Intimedia Talents)

Yose nih developer yang punya kreatifitas dan inisiatif tinggi. Keknya semua developer pasti bakal seneng deh punya rekan Yose. Sayangnya gue cuman sempat kerja sebentar ma dia. Maklum dipanggil negara untuk memberantas korupsi lewat KPK. Sukses yah.

Other Intimedians

Buat yang belum kesebut, mohon maap yah. Bukan berarti gue lupa atau gimana. Mungkin memang lupa kali ya :p. Tapi yang lom kesebut itu mungkin karena kita jarang atau hampir ga pernah kerja sama atau ketemu. Jadi daripada salah-salah kata karena ngomong sembarangan, yah saya ucapkan terima kasih banyak dan sampai ketemu lagi yah. Good luck to you all. I’ll miss you for sure.

PS: Bagi yang nama atau jabatannya salah tulis, silakan kontak saya aja, biar saya bisa perbaiki. Mohon maap sebelumnya.