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New Domain: dennizeng.com

I buy my own domain and hosting now. Too tired of seeking good free hosting service. Enjoy.

The best things in the world are really free

Just a week ago, when browsing the Webhostingtalk forum for some eCommerce recommendations for my current project, Admirology, I found some people talking about the best free Web hosting. I tried some of their suggestions and found one that is interesting, 100Webspace. After a common signup procedure, I got what I wanted: a generous 100Mb space, adequate PHP+MySQL support, an FTP account, SSH telnet, the awesome CPanel, and many others, for free and without that annoying ads. This is so damn cool but I did have bad experience with some free hosting services before: f2s and spaceport. The former had its free service discontinued. The latter were extremely slow and troublesome. I hope the service will last for a long time enough, at least until I can spare some money for a paid hosting.

What now? I got a free hosting, what would I put there? Yes, I had a Web site already. It was created when I’m in college to host my assignments. Okay, just upload it to the new host. Great, it worked. Ummm… when was it last updated? May 12, 2003? What the heck. It is the Internet. How could you abandon a Web site for more than a year? Leave your site without updates for a week, your visitors will get bored. Leave it for a month, you’re dead. What’s the big deal? I didn’t make money from my site. It was only a personal site for hosting my college project. I don’t care if it’s alive or dead. So why did you signup to the new host at the first place? Why did you bother, stupid morron. No offense, I’m speaking to my self. Te he he… I recently found that speaking to my self sometimes give a pleasure. Oh no!!!, Gollum you be responsible for this.

It’s been a while since I write my last blog. Actually, I didn’t call it a blog. I used to call it “site news”. Since some of my colleagues recently get addicted to blogging, I decide to start writing again. My old site had no feature for writing blogs. I used to do it manually. Composed the html files, uploaded, edited, uploaded, added, uploaded,… Hei, were you leaving in caves? Gosh, today everything is automated and instant. Need writing blogs, blogger.com will take care of every blogging thing for you. Wait, you had a free host already and you are a programmer, aren’t you. Why the heck do you need blogger.com anyway? Get your lazy butt up and start to do it yourself.

Phew, it took me about four days to finish this new site. Okay, I lied. It is not finished, yet. But at least I can write my blogs and others can add comments to my blogs. Who cares about other things.

Ragnarok Online was never attractive to me although thousands of players played it everyday. Being an online game means that you must stay connected to the f***ing Internet just to play the f***ing game. Is it enough? No, you still have to pay a weekly or monthly submission fee to login to the Ragnarok Online server in order to play the game. How ridiculous. There are still many great games you can play for free. I’m not talking about pirated games, maybe I’ll talk about it someday. But wait, Ragnarok Online Indonesia announced that it had a new server and will made it available to the public for free on July 28th, 2004. Did I hear “free”? Wow, that’s a news. So what are you waiting for, I signed up and started to play on my free time, he he.

Hey, you always talk about free stuffs, are you really that poor? Perhaps, but believe me or not, the best things in the world are really free. The air we breathe and the water we drink are free. Okay, we must pay for clean water these days. Malaysians and Singaporeans no longer can breathe fresh air because of the smoke from the Indonesia’s forest fire. But they are given for free from the very first time. It is our responsible to keep them free and healthy. I’m not an environmentalist so I dare not to speak more than this. What is the best thing in the world for you? Can you really get it for free? Yes I can. My salvation is the best thing and I get it freely just because Jesus has paid it for me with His blood. For that I can only offer my eternal gratitude.