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Launching denniland.com

Hi everyone! Long time no see. How are you doing? I am very sorry for my lengthly absence in blogging. It was not because I had nothing to write. In fact there were a lot of things happening. It’s just I didn’t feel like writing back then. Now I am trying to regain my blogging mood, thanks to my girlfriend who motivates me all the time.

Once again, I moved my site. Now it is known as denniland.com instead of dennizeng.com. I think branding is a nice thing, so I try one. Initially, I tried to rebuilt my site from scratch. But considering the truth that I never had the time to do it, I decided to experiment on some ready made solutions. A while ago, I built my girlfriend’s blog on WordPress and it turned out to be good. So I use it on my blog too :p.

That’s it for now, I will summarize what has happened in my life this year soon. Please check back.