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A Few Great Things

I don’t know what to say. But it happened again. Indonesia, my country, once again must suffer very very deeply. Like we didn’t have enough suffering yet. Nobody, nothing, can ever explain why this must happen. Only God knows. But who am I, dare to question this to the Greatest Being. This at least proves one thing. Every single life is only a split second away from death. You never know when you will go to the other realm. You just can’t resist when the time comes. Nobody can help you. What you can do is to stay alert and get ready. Live your life better every other day. Don’t only do what you want to do, but also do what you have to do.

Great Income

Okay it ain’t great. But it’s good. At the end of last year I got my salary doubled. Not just me, everyone got doubled. It’s a bonus (we call it THR) from the company I am working at. Aside from that, some of my Ragnarok Online clients also delivered the payment for my botting service. Also, when I was in Jember for Christmas. I bought a new starter pack for my CDMA phone. Starone didn’t work there. I chose Flexi from Telkom. I got a whopping credit which is worth 100 thousands rupiahs while I only paid 40 thousands. Another end-of-year promotion. Even better, I could use it to connect to the net for free during the promotion. Because of that, unfortunately, my sister didn’t let my phone rest afterward :D. She was really in to friendster recently.

Alexander the Great

It’s the movie I saw recently with some of my colleagues: Anton, Lisa Gabus, Shirley Cools, and Yendy. Angelina Jolie, Anthony Hopkins, and Collin Farrel starred in the movie. The movie had a rather long duration, almost three hours. But it had not yet covered all the great adventures of Alexander, one of the greatest Greek kings. A good movie compared to the recent Troy movie. The war scene is one of the best. Too bad there were too much gay things in the movie. I didn’t know whether Alexander was gay or not. But the scenes were simply too much. It made me uncomfortable. Also, the scene of Alexander’s death was pathetic. No match compared to the memorable Archilles’ death in Troy. Well, this movie is okay for everyone who loves middle ages’ things, like me. Recommended.

Great Body

A few days ago, Vebby, my work-buddy, lent me the DVD of Britney Spears‘ Greatest Hits. The interesting thing was the complete Britney’s naked scene from Toxic. You could see, well, the body women longs to have and men desires to beep… (censored). Very highly recommended for all Brit’s fans. Although you’re not a fan of her, you will surely fall for her great body unless you have no interest in girls anymore. Just admit it damn it. I intended to post some of the shots here. But on the second thought, I didn’t think it would be wise. Some kids might come here and read my blog.

Two-Weeks Updates

Wow, it’s been two weeks since I wrote my last blog. I started to get bored hehe. Nothing special happened during the last two weeks anyway. Okay, there was the “Kuningan Bomb“, but I don’t believe writing about it will do anything useful. Recently, a new president for Indonesia was elected: Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, most people just call him SBY (also the acronym of Surabaya). He is the first ever president elected directly by the people not by the general assembly. He was in the military so I think we’ll be back to the moment when Soeharto reigned. Bah, politic is always the same. The only good news is my merchant finally became a blacksmith, tehehe. It’s Ragnarok Online guys.

Last week, I left my old room and moved upstair. My old room was renovated too. Gosh, I need to rearrange the other room. Now I must sleep on a smaller bed without an air conditioner :(.

I just created a new page called Fame. This page contains the games, movies, and music I enjoyed the most lately. I’m gonna update this page often. Personally, I don’t really like the layout. It just plain sucks.